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VisiTech PR is the only agency that has not aggravated me. They just get it.

Robert Pease


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VisiTech PR’s CoreStory method enhances our collaboration and creativity. With VisiTech PR I believe it just gets better over the years. With typical PR firms, you can lose steam over time. That is not the case with VisiTech PR.

Megan Easterling

Director of Marketing

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VisiTech PR is well-connected, knowledgeable and in-the-know about our dynamic telecom industry to ensure we capitalize on all opportunities to gain high quality coverage.

Chip Strange

Vice President, Products & Technology

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VisiTech PR is a tech industry insider that drives social media engagement and intelligent content for business results. VisiTech is building awareness of Tellabs’ disruptive technology Optical LAN, positioning the product successfully in multiple markets and creating the kind of buzz that leads to growth. The agency has achieved significant results, proven by metrics.

George Stenitzer

Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Communications

We Build Conceptual Brands

Technology marketing executives with high standards often speak of technology PR agencies that ‘get it’ and ones that do not. We know the key to hiring an agency that ‘gets it’ is to hire a firm that can help you both create and deliver a conceptual brand. We are that agency. We are more than a high-tech PR agency, we are a Brand Expression agency.

Brand Expression is the sophisticated marketer’s approach to:

  • Thought leadership relevant to the current environment
  • Expertise with broad industry influence
  • Positioning with a backbone that connotes leadership and credibility

With conceptual Brand Expression, your brand has the backbone for success.

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