How a Luxury Condo Can Support IoT with Fiber Speeds

In the Internet of Things and connected-everything era, condo complexes are under pressure to deliver high-speed connections and enough bandwidth to support their residents’ connectivity needs. Without it, they can easily lose their competitive advantage. Park Place, a luxury high-rise in Atlanta, knew that to attract new tenants and retain existing owners, they had to improve their connectivity infrastructure.

The condominium complex decided to rebuild its technology backbone and deployed a fiber-based technology, called Optical LAN, from Tellabs. This has proven to be the ideal solution because it:

  • Enabled incredibly fast Internet, which is burstable up to 1Gbps
  • Delivered bandwidth that residents require for their current devices and voice, data and video applications, and future services like VoIP, integrated music systems or exterior surveillance
  • Saves money from the moment its installed and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership over a 10-year period

While most complexes like Park Place today deploy popular copper-based networks, going against mainstream has paid off tremendously for both the condo and its residents.

Read more about the announcement here.

ThinPrint Upgrades Its Service Provider Offering

The latest version of the print management software simplifies licensing and billing and enables mobile iOS printing from sessions

(DENVER, March 31, 2015) ThinPrint, provider of the world’s leading enterprise print management software has improved its offer for service providers. Licensing and billing have been simplified and functionality expanded to include mobile iOS printing from Windows sessions.

More than 100 service providers worldwide use ThinPrint to ensure their customers can print reliably and fast from the cloud making ThinPrint the leading provider of print management software for software as a service (SaaS) and desktop as a service (DaaS) providers. ThinPrint has now further improved its offering especially for service providers.

Service providers no longer need to decide on a specific number of named user licenses. A license is only assigned to a user when they print with ThinPrint for the first time. In addition, billing is conveniently organized on a monthly basis according to exactly what’s been used.

ThinPrint has also introduced a beneficial invoicing feature. Service providers can view a report, which can be sorted by customer name and number of licenses actually used. This significantly simplifies billing and also offers an instant overview of all used licenses.

The latest version also includes a new feature, ThinPrint Mobile Print. This enables customers of service providers to print with iPhones and iPads directly from any windows-based remote or virtual desktop session like Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote App/VDI and many others.

“Printing is one of the essential topics that must be considered when implementing a cloud solution. We are happy that we provide a complete solution for the virtual office with ThinPrint, offering exceptional print performance. In addition, the license model available with Cortado offers us flexibility and is very economical for us”, said David Peru, Sales Director, Systéame, a Service Provider located in France.

“From our experience, we can clearly state that service providing has become an increasingly established form of application and desktop deployment with enormous growth rates, ” said Thorsten Hesse, chief product officer and managing director at ThinPrint. Our technology offers an indispensable print infrastructure that reduces administration workload and increases user acceptance for hosted environments. Our Service Providers can be sure that we are continuously improving features in order to support them in running a successful hosting business.”

A list of services providers already using ThinPrint, including many case studies, as well as an overview of all ThinPrint advantages for service providers and information on becoming a service provider partner can all be found at the website for service providers.

Those interested in ThinPrint can download the solution from the manufacturer’s website and use it with full functionality for 10 users for 30 days – free of charge and without obligation:


ThinPrint, with 15 years of continuous development and internationally-patented ThinPrint technology, is the leading provider of print management software and services for businesses. Whether printing from traditional PCs, mobile devices, thin clients, virtual desktops, or from the cloud, over 20,000 companies across all industries and of all sizes optimize their printing infrastructure and increase productivity thanks to ThinPrint. In addition, more than 100, and growing, Desktop-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service providers deliver reliable, high-performance printing from the cloud to their customers all due to ThinPrint. The investment in ThinPrint leads to a fast ROI because the easy-to-implement and manage print system reduces the burden on IT departments, results in significant performance improvements to the network while ensuring optimal, reliable print support at every workplace. ThinPrint technologies and components enable its use in almost any infrastructure and take into account integration of branch and home offices as well as mobile employees. The solutions are developed and rigorously tested at ThinPrint’s headquarters in Berlin – software Made in Germany. Offices in the United States, the UK, Australia, Japan and Brazil, as well as more than 200 channel partners around the world offer direct and on-site customer care. Thanks to numerous OEM partnerships, ThinPrint technology components are integrated in a variety of terminals, print boxes and thin client of leading hardware manufacturers. Special significance is placed on the strategic partnerships of the company with Citrix Systems, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, IGEL, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Lexmark, Microsoft, OKI, Samsung, VMware, and Wyse.

Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mac and AirPrint are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.





Four Barriers to A Properly Differentiated Brand

Last week I shared a study that clearly indicated that too many marketers are not minding their company’s marketing fundamentals, especially competitive differentiation. If you think you might be one of them, you are not alone. This is something I see as a challenge for many companies in my consulting work on branding and communications strategy.

I think there are several reasons why less than half of B2B marketers are implementing the disciplines required to professionally differentiate their company’s brand and communications. I summarize my observations below.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations may be self-imposed or could come from internal pressures within your company. It could be a control issue that prevents the marketing team from bringing in the help of experts, or caused by decision makers that lack marketing experience. To find out if you can meet expectations, you need the answer to one question. Do you have the current team in place to provide the research, expertise, information, analytical skills, methodologies and perspective to deliver a solid differentiation? Strong differentiation usually requires a team-based approach with both in-house company expert resources and external marketing consultants to bring facilitation and a broader perspective.

  • Corporate Politics

An ugly fact that marketers everywhere need to face is that everyone thinks they know how to market, even the professionals that are not in marketing. It appears easy from the outside. Professionals who are experts in other disciplines may think their vote should count as much as the professionals with the marketing line of business expertise. Unfortunately, due to company politics, this is often the case and the marketing suffers.

  • Lack of Resources

Research, analysis and the application of marketing discipline takes experienced expertise, time and money. Unfortunately, it is all too common to have company goals that do not properly match allocated resources. Even in a recession, it is well documented, including in these AdvertisingAge and AdWeek articles, that brands that continue marketing and resist cutbacks improve market share and minimize drops in revenue compared to companies that cut marketing in flow with the economy.

  • Critical Examination

Last but certainly not least, a lack of critical examination is the killer of a truly differentiated brand. Unrealistic expectations, corporate politics and lack of resources can all lead to the fate of a weak, fluffy differentiation that does not stand a chance in fighting through industry noise. Play it too safe and suffer. Drink your own Kool-Aid and die. Critical examination is often seen at its best in collaboration with an external consultant that takes the role to question beliefs, arguments and group think. Companies regularly confuse sales check box items, business goals, customer benefits, buzzwords or jargon as differentiating statements. In the B2B tech world, these might include: innovative, scalable, flexible, customer-oriented, robust, future-proof, expertise, next generation, disruptive and best-of-breed. You must rise above this shallow level of marketing if you want to stand apart and win.

If you think your company is lacking in solid a differentiated story, could one of these issues be holding you back?

BitTitan Logo

BitTitan Launches Partner Advisory Service with Microsoft MVPs to Support Complex Enterprise Migration Projects

Service provides partners with access to Microsoft and BitTitan migration experts, called Cloud Rangers, to make it easy to move any company to the cloud

KIRKLAND, Wash. – March 31, 2014BitTitan, the cloud enablement provider, today launched Partner Advisory Service for its partners. The service is completely unique in the industry as it makes it easy for consultants, system integrators and service providers to proactively receive expert advice on any email and data migration project, including complex enterprise customer scenarios. This will in turn help partners ensure a smooth move of their customers to Microsoft® Office 365™. Advisory services are provided via the BitTitan Cloud Rangers, an elite group of Microsoft MVPs from around the world that have been certified not only in Microsoft products but in the use of BitTitan’s products as well.

“Our Partner Advisory Service is unique as it gives our channel partners access to our Cloud Rangers – experts that can provide end-to-end support on Microsoft products and help tune those products to support specific migration projects,” said Vincent Fournier, CIO of BitTitan. “We are bringing two worlds of expertise together to provide support through a single individual. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone. Not only does it benefit our partners, but it also increases the ease of adoption of Microsoft products and services.”

The BitTitan Partner Advisory Service was designed to enable BitTitan’s partners to overcome issues associated with complex migration scenarios often encountered in large enterprise projects, such as during mergers and acquisitions, company divestitures, tenant to tenant, IT consolidation and co-existence. These projects go beyond mailbox migration and often require unique customization, migration of terabytes of data from multiple sources, as well as archive migration to a new platform.

Making complex moves quick and easy is possible by combining Microsoft MVPs’ technical knowledge of the Microsoft product landscape and their extensive experience with BitTitan’s cloud-based migration and onboarding solutions, including MigrationWiz®, UserActivation™ and DeploymentPro™. In addition, because BitTitan’s solutions are highly customizable, partners can be assured in their ability to successfully deliver any type of service and support any migration scenario. BitTitan Cloud Rangers have been directly trained and certified by BitTitan’s product managers to provide the highest level of support. Cloud Rangers are available to partners around the globe.

“Cloud Rangers bring new, massive value to partners in their efforts to tackle any migration project and move their customers to Office 365,” said Jaap Wesselius, Microsoft MVP and BitTitan Cloud Ranger. “This service combined with our deep Microsoft product expertise gives us and partners a competitive edge, making the move to the cloud quick and easy for any company. Partners can focus on their customers and growing their cloud businesses, rather than the complex details,” adds Loryan Strant, Microsoft MVP and BitTitan Cloud Ranger.

For more information and to purchase advisory hours, visit

About BitTitan:

BitTitan is the cloud enablement and IT change automation expert that delivers end-to-end solutions for migration and onboarding challenges. Unlike competitive solutions, BitTitan removes barriers to change, including complexity, risk, cost and time constraints. With IT change automation, users can be current, have a choice, maintain control, and eliminate chaos. Its globally recognized products, MigrationWiz®, DeploymentPro™, and UserActivation™, and DataEncryption deliver tailored solutions for today’s challenges, such as Office 365 onboarding and email migration. The credible, safe and trusted choice for both direct and partner channels, BitTitan has migrated more than 2 million mailboxes to the cloud in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit

Microsoft and Office 365 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Tellabs Partners with IP UtiliNET to Deliver Optical LAN-Based Advanced Network Services to Atlanta Luxury High-Rise

Fiber-based network from Tellabs will meet the residents’ connectivity needs in the Internet of Things era

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – March 31, 2015 – Tellabs, a leading provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, today announced its Optical LAN solution was deployed in Park Place, a 40-story, 242-unit luxury condominium complex in Atlanta, Georgia. As part of a deployment with Atlanta-based next-generation engineering firm IP UtiliNET, Tellabs Optical LAN was selected to modernize and streamline the condominium’s network to support multiple advanced services and meet the residents’ evolving bandwidth needs.

Tellabs’ fiber based Optical LAN provided Park Place with a smart networking solution. It delivers the bandwidth that residents require for their current devices and voice, data and video applications. In addition, as a result of fiber’s nearly unlimited bandwidth, Tellabs Optical LAN can support migration to next-generation technologies, such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), integrated music systems, exterior surveillance and access control, all without requiring infrastructure replacement.

Compared to the traditional copper-based networking solution, Optical LAN’s fiber endpoints within each condo offer four times more capacity. The superior bandwidth and density of optical fiber translates into maximum scalability for the Park Place Optical LAN. Individual residents today receive incredibly fast Internet, which is burstable up to one Gigabit per second (Gbps). The Optical LAN design also enables IP UtiliNET to engineer the signal-distribution capacity for incremental delivery of 10-Gbps service.

Tellabs Optical LAN is also simpler and easier to deploy throughout a building such as Park Place. It converges separate service-specific networks, such as voice, data, video and wireless, into a streamlined, single fiber architecture. This results in less equipment and cabling compared to copper, making it a more cost-effective solution. Tellabs Optical LAN also centralizes all management functions for the entire network, enabling technicians to configure and reconfigure connectivity and services for individual users much faster and more easily than they could with multiple traditional networks.

“The previous communications infrastructure created a fragmented mess in the facility,” said David Quinn, CEO of IP UtiliNET. “The beauty of the converged Tellabs Optical LAN solution is the ability to provide a residence like Park Place with a state-of-the-art high-speed network, while enabling it to reduce budgetary consumption from day one and significantly lower the total cost of ownership over a 10-year period.”

“In the Internet of Things era, residences like Park Place are challenged to keep pace with their residents’ connectivity needs,” said Tom Ruvarac, vice president of business development at Tellabs. “Our Optical LAN solution has proven to be ideal because it supports modern and future connectivity needs with a future-proof infrastructure, strengthening the building management’s ability to retain existing owners and attract new tenants.”

About IP UtiliNET

IP UtiliNET is an Atlanta-based, veteran-owned emerging technology firm specializing in centrally managed communications, energy networks, product lifecycle solutions and security services. Offering site service solutions in 145 countries and 392 cities worldwide, IP UtiliNET partners with its clients to streamline operations, lower costs and enhance profitability for long-term environmental, social and financial benefit. Service offerings include single mode fiber LANvisn™ Passive Optical Networks (PON), facial biometric security, sustainable and renewable energy (SustaNET©) including LED lighting systems, and technology lifecycle services. Call 877-901-6947 for more information on IP UtiliNET products and services or visit

About Tellabs

Tellabs delivers technology that transforms the way the world communicates. Tellabs evolutionary passive Optical LAN empowers the building of a modern high performance LAN infrastructure that is simple, secure, stable, scalable, sustainable and costs less.

Secure Mobile iOS Printing for the Enterprise

A key aspect of enterprise mobility that is often overlooked is printing. This is often overlooked because it is complex. However, there is an even bigger challenge – mobile printing. Mobile printing in enterprise environments has always been difficult, but there is an added element of complexity when printouts contain sensitive data.

To overcome this challenge, Cortado announced a new print function for enterprise environments this week. The new function, which will be a part of the new Cortado Corporate Server 7.4, will enable iPhone and iPad users to benefit from secure, user-authenticated, mobile printing on any available network printer. As a result, enterprises can save money, increase productivity and guarantee security.

Read full details on how to better secure mobile iOS printing here.

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