Printing from mobile devices evolves with EMM market, GDPR

ThinPrint Launches the First Managed and Secure Mobile Printing Solution for Businesses

ThinPrint Mobile Print supports mobile business processes to deliver secure iOS and Android printing and complements existing MDM/EMM solutions


BERLIN/DENVER, April 25, 2018 – Print management expert, ThinPrint, today announced the availability of its new product ThinPrint Mobile Print. The new software enables companies to integrate iOS and Android devices into their existing print infrastructure so that employees can easily access and use all current network printers. User authorizations are automatically inherited from the Microsoft Active Directory or from the print server and can be additionally extended or restricted as required for mobile users. ThinPrint’s close cooperation with the leading mobile device management (MDM) providers ensures seamless interaction for companies with enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems in use. The included secure pull-printing feature, which allows users to authenticate themselves directly at the printer, rounds off the solution perfectly.


Many companies use an MDM or EMM system to securely manage their mobile devices and distribute apps. However, if employees want to print with their iPads, iPhones or Android devices, they quickly reach the limits of mobile productivity. The new ThinPrint Mobile Print software is the solution. It can be integrated into EMM or MDM systems to enable secure mobile printing with iOS and Android devices. Employees can print from iOS and Android apps on their tablets and smartphones to any existing network printer in the enterprise, regardless of which printer models from which manufacturer are in use. The existing user rights are inherited from the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or from the print servers but can be modified if required.


ThinPrint cooperated closely with leading MDM and file sharing providers in the development of its mobile printing solution to ensure its close integration into EMM/MDM solutions. Data is encrypted during transmission and print job generation takes place securely behind the firewall.


For additional security, a pull-printing function included in the license can be activated as required. Printing only starts once the owner of the print job authenticates directly at the printer ensuring that printouts are protected against unauthorized access. Instant Wi-Fi printing rounds off the software’s range of mobile productivity features.


“With ThinPrint Mobile Print, we’re closing an important gap when it comes to mobile productivity,” said Thorsten Hesse, CPO at ThinPrint. “We’re delighted that we were able to win nearly ten system houses specializing in enterprise mobility as launch channel partners right from the start and we look forward to expand this distribution network internationally.”


Launch channel partners include BFI, ABE,, ibt, ISEC7, SCHIFFL and vleet.


A free demo version of ThinPrint Mobile Print is available at:


The apps for iPhones and iPads are available in the AppStore, with those for Android devices coming soon to the Playstore.


About ThinPrint

ThinPrint, with nearly 20 years of continuous development and internationally patented ThinPrint technology, is the leading provider of print management software and services for businesses. Whether printing from traditional PCs, mobile devices, thin clients, virtual desktops, or from the cloud, over 25,000 companies across all industries and of all sizes optimize their printing infrastructure and increase productivity thanks to ThinPrint. In addition, more than 100, and growing, Desktop-as-aService, and Software-as-a-Service providers deliver reliable, high-performance printing from the cloud to their customers all due to ThinPrint. The investment in ThinPrint leads to a fast ROI because the easy-to-implement and manage print system reduces the burden on IT departments, results in significant performance improvements to the network while ensuring optimal, reliable print support at every workplace. ThinPrint technologies and components enable its use in almost any infrastructure and take into account integration of branch and home offices as well as mobile employees. The solutions are developed and rigorously tested at ThinPrint’s headquarters in Berlin – software Made in Germany. Offices in the United States, the UK, Australia, Japan and Brazil, as well as more than 350 channel partners around the world offer direct and on-site customer care. Thanks to numerous OEM partnerships, ThinPrint technology components are integrated in a variety of terminals, print boxes and thin client of leading hardware manufacturers. Special significance is placed on the strategic partnerships of the company with Citrix Systems, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, IGEL, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Lexmark, Microsoft, OKI, Samsung, VMware, and Wyse.

Transforming The Healthcare Industry With Passive Optical LAN

What Will Shape The Pay-TV User Interface Of The Future?

NAGRA and KT Skylife expand content protection partnership with NexGuard watermarking

Latest deployment of NexGuard watermarking technology allows KT Skylife
to meet MovieLabs requirements while giving subscribers access
to the best content and safeguarding against piracy

Cheseaux, Switzerland, and Phoenix, AZ – April 5, 2018 – NAGRA, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) company and the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, today announced that its NexGuard watermarking solution for pay-TV was selected by Korean satellite broadcaster KT Skyylife.

This partnership allows KT Skylife – a NAGRA customer since 2010 – to meet forensic watermarking requirements mandated by MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection for premium content, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR. The expansion also gives KT Skylife’s subscribers access to the best content available, while protecting their service from piracy.

By expanding its partnership with NAGRA, KT Skylife can now leverage NexGuard watermarking technology to meet studio requirements for the protection of high-value content. The additional ability to expand KT Skylife content offering and increase the value of their services to their subscribers provides a competitive advantage for KT Skylife moving forward.

“Our unique watermarking capabilities provide KT Skylife with the added security and traceability for pay-TV provides to meet content owners’ requirements for the protection of premium content, and deter would-be pirates,” said Stephane Le Dreau, Senior Vice President Sales & Services APAC at NAGRA. “With NAGRA content protection and watermarking, KT Skylife is now able to create the ultimate closed-loop approach to fighting piracy while ensuring access to the best content available for their subscribers.”

NAGRA’s NexGuard forensic watermarking technology adds a unique, invisible identifier to video content delivered to set-top boxes, smart TVs and other video players enables each device. It embeds a unique watermark for any video shown, making it the only way to tracing illicit re-distribution back to a specific account. The watermark remains with the content, even in the case of transcoding, resizing, downscaling, camcording or any other alteration.

NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services and NexGuard watermarking solution will be demonstrated on the NAGRA stand, SU3424, at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas (9-12 April 2018).


NAGRA, a digital TV division of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S), provides security and multiscreen user experience solutions for the monetization of digital media. The company provides content providers and DTV operators worldwide with secure, open and integrated platforms and applications over broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms, enabling compelling and personalized viewing experiences. Please visit for more information and follow us on Twitter at @nagrakudelski.

APOLAN Names Network Convergence with Passive Optical LAN a Fundamental Component for ‘Smart Building’ Digital Transformations

Top industry trade group outlines how converging multiple disparate networks over a common infrastructure is a game changer

NEW YORK – April 4, 2018 – The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), the non-profit organization driving both education and adoption for passive optical local area networks (POL), is providing a roadmap for how POL can streamline an organization’s smart building digital transformation to keep pace with the massive growth in Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility applications. In addition to space, cost, energy and other savings, converging all services on one network to provide unparalleled speed, reliability and future-proof scalability, will be an essential piece for future business success.

“With the total number of connected devices expected to top 20 billion by 2020, enterprises across the spectrum, including retail stores, offices, hospitals, university campuses, airports, medical research facilities and hotels, are scrambling to develop Smart Buildings to meet increasingly complex mobility, IoT and big data requirements,” said Alan Bertsch, Qypsys President and APOLAN Chairman. “To keep up with these growing connectivity needs, modern network backbone technologies must deliver scalability to accommodate greater bandwidth as well as availability that keep businesses going even at their busiest times.”

POL presents the essential piece to the digital transformation puzzle. It converges all services across a single fiber-based infrastructure, eliminating the need for multiple platforms while providing highly scalable, high-speed data services to all users. This includes voice, video, data and video-conferencing services, as well as wireless access and monitoring functions, such as building automation systems and security applications.

POL is superior compared to the legacy, copper-based LAN options. Consideration for how network convergence over POL delivers in the development of Smart Buildings, include:

  • Voice, video, data, VoIP connectivity can all be handled with 2.4Gbps downstream and 1.2Gbps upstream.
  • The distance to end users can be expanded to up 20 kilometers or more, compared to 300 feet with copper.
  • By transmitting and receiving on a single cable simultaneously, less square footage is required to manage networks. This means greater space saving that allows enterprises to use previously needed areas for purposes other than IT.
  • With fewer HVAC prerequisites and limited active equipment required, less energy is needed compared to legacy options, which both saves money and provides green benefits.
  • Streamlining all network needs into a single back bone delivers network simplicity and creates time-saving opportunities for IT teams.
  • All this can be done with lower capital costs. Converging into a single network results in less equipment specifications and, as fiber optic cabling lasts more than a decade before needed upgrading (compared to 5-7 years for copper cabling), less long-term cost.

About The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN)

The Association for Passive Optical LAN is a non-profit organization that is driving adoption and educating the market about the technical and economic advantages of passive optical LAN technology. Through its membership, which is comprised of manufacturers, distributors, integrators and consulting companies actively involved in the marketplace, the Association hopes to help designers, engineers, architects, building owners, CIOs and IT departments implement and successfully use passive optical LAN. For more information, visit



  • Secure end-to-end OTT and Android TV-based solutions
  • Anti-Piracy Services for live sports and entertainment content
  • Forensic Watermarking for any OTT system and any workflow
  • S. debut of one-stop-shop media asset management solution for content management and quick VOD store creation


Cheseaux, Switzerland, and Phoenix, AZ – April 3, 2018 – NAGRA, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) company and the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, will showcase solutions for content value protection and OTT content optimization at the 2018 NAB Show taking place April 9-12 in Las Vegas. NAGRA stand SU3424 will feature Conax content protection, OTT and Android TV-based solutions, NAGRA anti-piracy services, NexGuard watermarking, and in its U.S. debut, media asset management by DVnor.


“NAGRA is showcasing its broad product offering in delivering innovative solutions that protect the entire content value chain from origin to consumption, while helping our customers maximize their content investment,” said Tom Wirth, Senior Vice President, Americas for NAGRA. “With technologies spanning content protection, anti-piracy services and watermarking, we provide our customers with the services and solutions that are critical to enabling and securing the future of content delivery for the media and entertainment industry.”
Demonstration areas will include:

Turnkey, multi-DRM OTT

Conax GO Live is a turnkey end-to-end OTT solution with a guaranteed deployment time of less than 30 days. Utilizing the multi-DRM capability of the cloud-enabled Conax Contego content security platform and best-of-breed partners, Conax GO Live delivers live TV channels with start-over, catch-up and full EPG to Android and iOS devices.


End-to-End and Secure Android TV-based Viewing Experiences

Pay-TV operators leveraging Android TV need to ensure an extra level of security for premium content to conform to content owners’ security demands and protect their business model. Conax Lynx makes this possible by harnessing the openness and flexibility of the Android TV ecosystem. This effectively creates a Secure Media Path (SMP) thwarting “pirate-in-the-box” attacks and meeting MovieLabs’ requirements for Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) of 4K/UHD content. With the right security and operating within an end-to-end TV solution framework, an Android TV-based solution can enable pay-TV operators to deliver compelling TV experiences that engage consumers and drive monetization. The recently launched Canal Digital Android TV-based 4K experience OnePlace will be on display.


Anti-Piracy Services and Watermarking

Service providers and content owners alike will learn how to create the ultimate closed-loop approach to fighting piracy by leveraging NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services and watermarking for any OTT system and any workflow. Visitors to the NAGRA stand will learn how NexGuard watermarking for Pre-Release can secure premium content and prevent leaks in post-production and video distribution workflows, as well as how NexGuard watermarking for Early Release can protect premium VOD content against illicit distribution. Another demonstration will show how pay-TV operators can protect their content investment by finding and stopping illegal distribution of channels, live events and movies, and fight IPTV and Kodi add-on piracy.


Media Asset Management

In its U.S. debut, NAGRA introduces the DVnor Organizer, a one-stop-shop for all a pay-TV operator’s content management needs, and DVnor dSpree for VOD catalogue creation. Leveraging the “One Master” concept, Organizer is a fully automated end-to-end Media Asset Management platform that delivers both innovation and cost-savings to pay-TV operators struggling to cope with ever-expanding VOD/SVOD catalogues and numerous content sources and file formats. DVnor is a preferred partner to some of the world’s leading streaming services.


With DVnor dSpree, pay-TV operators can set up a VOD or SVOD service in a matter of minutes. Delivered from the DVnor’s secure cloud, dSpree gives pay-TV operators the freedom to customize their store and give customers instant access to content on PCs/Macs, Android and iOS devices, or TV screens, via Chromecast or Apple TV.  It leverages NAGRA NexGuard watermarking and Conax multi-DRM to deliver premium content, including 4K and HDR, safely and securely.


At the Conference

NAGRA will be a featured presenter at MESA’s Content Protection & Cybersecurity Summit, in the session “Securing your Pre-Release Workflow in the Cloud” on Sunday, April 8 at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas.



NAGRA, a digital TV division of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S), provides security and multiscreen user experience solutions for the monetization of digital media. The company provides content providers and DTV operators worldwide with secure, open and integrated platforms and applications over broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms, enabling compelling and personalized viewing experiences. Please visit for more information and follow us on Twitter at @nagrakudelski.