A Download on On-Demand Viewing in the UK

UK industry regulator Ofcom recently released its latest Communications Market Report. The report showcases some unique stats around the continued rise of on-demand viewing and audiences age gaps in the UK. Here are a few tidbits recently reported on by BroadbandTV News:

  • It’s not just movies and TV on-demand – those ages 16-24 feel playing video games is just as important as watching TV. In terms of older audiences…
  • Time spent in front of a screen increased among those over the age of 55
  • In line with these viewing demands, OTT services such as Netflix rose from 18 to 26 percent.

This is just a sample of the facts and figures from the report. There’s plenty more to learn, from the devices being used, market revenue, take-up of service bundles and even time spent on media and communications throughout the day.

Anything from the report surprise you? We would love to know your thoughts!