A Game-changing Solution to Enable True Live OTT

Watching your favorite TV content on the living room TV or on your tablet should offer the exact same viewing experience, right? Well, many sports fans might disagree with that.

Traditional OTT platforms suffer from delays and lack synchronization when delivering content to multiple screens. The delays can range from seconds to minutes from screen to screen. As a result, this can have a significant impact on the experience of watching live sports OTT. What’s happening on one screen is not the same as the other. Not only is it a poor experience for live television viewers, the delay between screens means broadcasters, content owners and other service providers are missing out on being able to offer more interactive, engaging and social TV experiences.

Net Insight’s recent launch of Sye, delivers the world’s first and only true live OTT streaming solution, ensuring frame-accurate synchronization across any type of screen, including linear broadcast TV, with no delay.

You can read more information about Sye here.