Analysis Framework to Strengthen Content Clarity

Are you on a quest to improve your marketing content? You’d be hard pressed to find a marketer in today’s world that is not. The volume required as micro-content needs expand is just one challenge. The quality, and therefore the clarity of that content is another.

A strategic foundation makes content RUN (Relatable, Unique, New). Without the RUN factor, your content is meaningless to your company’s goals and irrelevant to your target audience. Now lets go a step further. If your content is strategically aligned, but the reader can’t understand what you mean then you have a whole other problem – clarity.

When you dive down into the nitty gritty, clarity can be improved at the content interview stage. You must have clarity on how each piece of information fits in order to organize the content. How you organize the information on the page helps the reader organize the information in their mind. If properly filed in the prospect’s mind, it is more likely to be used by the target market as the marketer intends.

The logical organization, and proper labeling, of information is the biggest roadblock to clarity. Much confusion can be traced to the concept of proper data labeling. What information are you working with? What exactly is each data point? How does it relate to the other data points? How does it relate to the total story? As marketers gather information, you will notice that each data point has a complete story, and that story helps it relate to the total story.

Lets examine what this means to the content gathering stage of content creation. Each data point as delivered by the content source most likely has an existing label. As an example – according to the content source, the originating data point may be defined as a benefit, or a “why.” Now take that further in your questioning of the content source. How does it do that? Who cares? What does it do? When is that appropriate? Perhaps the originating data point is a “what.” It defines what we can do. Then you have to ask why? What is the benefit? How do you make that happen? And so on, and so on. You can play that game forever with each data point. And, you should.

As you play this game of expanding each data point, you will see patterns. You will see what is relevant, and you will bring clarity to the content piece. This graphic illustrates the complete picture of each data point.

Originating Data Point

VisiTech PR’s key to content clarity via analysis of each originating data point.

You can use this thought process to expand the meaning of each data point. As a result of your understanding, and organizing your data points, you will have what is needed to properly organize your content and dramatically improve its clarity.

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