APOLAN’s Governor Allen to Present the Benefits of Passive Optical LAN at 2015 SHLB Annual Conference

The Association to show how fiber-based passive optical LAN helps the Schools, Hospitals, and Libraries Broadband Coalition fulfill its mission and enable future-proof, cost-effective and green networks for anchor institutions

NEW YORK CITY – May 12, 2015 – The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), a non-profit organization that is driving adoption and educating the market about the advantages of passive optical LAN, today announced its ambassador George Allen, former U.S. Governor and Senator of Virginia, will present at the upcoming 2015 SHLB Annual Conference. Governor Allen will address how anchor institutions, such as schools, hospitals and libraries, can leverage fiber-based passive optical LAN to improve and future-proof their inside-building communications infrastructure—i.e., the local area network (LAN)—in a cost-effective way.

The SHLB Coalition’s mission is to promote government policies and programs that enable anchor institutions and their communities to obtain open, affordable, high-speed broadband connections to the Internet. As a means to this goal, fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband services have emerged as the ideal solution. To support SHLB’s mission, Governor Allen will discuss how anchor institutions can extend fiber inside their buildings to both improve communications services and save money via fiber-based passive optical LAN.

Unlike the traditional, copper-based LAN, passive optical LAN provides significantly greater speed and bandwidth. This enables facility infrastructures to support current and future demands for voice, video, data, wireless, security, building automation and other network services. To add, passive optical LAN requires significantly less equipment space and saves energy due to minimal thermal requirements, cooling and power consumption. All of these factors significantly lower both capital and operational expenses.

“Internet is the greatest invention since the Gutenberg press for the dissemination of information, commerce and ideas. However, enabling access to high-speed Internet for anchor institutions can easily come at a hefty price,” explained Governor Allen. “Despite the popular misperception, fiber-based passive optical LAN is a win-win-win solution. It is a green technology that saves taxpayers’ money and provides a high-speed future-proof network.”

The presentation will take place on May 21st, at 1:00 p.m. in the Regency Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Governor Allen’s presentation will also provide attendees with examples of recent successful fiber-based passive optical LAN deployments.

For more information, or to apply for association membership, please visit http://www.apolanglobal.org.

About The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN)

The Association for Passive Optical LAN is a non-profit organization that is driving adoption and educating the market on the technical and economic advantages of passive optical LAN technology. Through its ecosystems of manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and consulting companies actively involved in the marketplace, APOLAN helps design engineers, architects, building owners, CIOs and IT departments succeed with passive optical LAN. For more information visit http://www.apolanglobal.org/.


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