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PR’s Domain is the New SEO

Over the last couple years, Google has been changing its algorithm to improve its ability to deliver search results that satisfy site visitors. As a result, earned media, the domain of PR, is now central to a company’s SEO standing. Do you want to see the history of the algorithm changes? Hubspot has a good […]

Analysis Framework to Strengthen Content Clarity

Are you on a quest to improve your marketing content? You’d be hard pressed to find a marketer in today’s world that is not. The volume required as micro-content needs expand is just one challenge. The quality, and therefore the clarity of that content is another. A strategic foundation makes content RUN (Relatable, Unique, New). […]

The Truth of Communicating with Techies, Wrapped in Dilbert Smiles

Tech marketers know that insightful content is as important as silicon. The challenge is… content does not grow on binary trees. You work to get a brain dump, even a small cookie of information, and all you find is a 404. So what does a tech marketer do when they are completely cached out on […]

Make Your Content RUN – Relatable, Unique, New

Great content starts with great questions. In the tech marketing world, there is a computer science concept that we regularly refer to as the root cause of most content development issues. The concept is GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. The quality of output is determined by the quality of the input. When it comes […]

Are You a Brand Consultant’s Puppet or a Magical Thinker?

I am going to make a bold statement. Brand consultants should not be hired to create a brand for you. Why? Because it’s impossible for them to create your brand for you. Those that say they can are just making you the puppet in their brand development play. I’m not saying brand consultants cannot be […]

Why All Business and Marketing Strategists Should Meditate

I am qualified to write this post because Jack Kornfield bowed to me. It happened several years ago on a 10-day silent meditation retreat that ran over Thanksgiving at Spirit Rock, an insight meditation center about 90 minutes North of San Francisco. Several days in, with my subconscious letting go and all my senses heightened […]

Four Strategic Brand Insights for Collaborative Customer Communication

Everyone’s talking customer collaboration. Adobe’s blog post Customers Don’t Want to be Marketed to and That’s Great shares important insight on the state of the customer’s expectations from marketers. Shifting from marketing at customers to providing value to customers through meaningful conversations leads to increased word of mouth. The customer journey is becoming fluid with […]

Four Barriers to A Properly Differentiated Brand

Last week I shared a study that clearly indicated that too many marketers are not minding their company’s marketing fundamentals, especially competitive differentiation. If you think you might be one of them, you are not alone. This is something I see as a challenge for many companies in my consulting work on branding and communications […]

Study Confirms – It’s Time for B2B Marketers to Reconsider Marketing Fundamentals

MarketingProfs’ post Key B2B Marketing Challenges and Strategies provides a summary of findings from research firm B2B International on the key challenges facing B2B marketers.   The study shows that in comparison to the UK and Germany, U.S. marketers see the biggest challenges, although not by a huge margin.  So my review will summarize the U.S. […]

Why Your Brand Must Be Expressed And Cannot Be Marketed

There is a universal challenge for all CMOs — getting everyone in the company speaking with one voice. When this does not happen, brand confusion prevails. This ideal of unified communication is rare because companies try to market their brands, not express them. Why do company’s market versus express brands? Sometimes it is the result […]