Big Bang! Public Cloud Explodes to $200bn in 2016

If we needed any further evidence of the impact ‘The Cloud’ is having, then look no further than the latest report on the subject from analyst firm Gartner.

Gartner’s 2015 Cloud Adoption Survey identifies the take up is being driven by cloud system infrastructure services currently growing at 43 percent a year, with estimates that cloud services are set to increase to $208.6bn in 2016. This is up from $178bn in 2015.

Why are they growing? Money – specifically the cost savings. Organizations are hailing a 14 percent reduction in budgets as a consequence of adopting public cloud services.

Challenges still remain, however. Market limiters, such as concerns over security and privacy, keep the right foot of adoption hovering over the brake.

How do you feel about using public cloud services?