BitTitan Issued US Patent for Innovative Mailbox Migration Technology

BitTitan offers the most efficient, compliant and cost-effective mailbox data migration on the market

KIRKLAND, Wash. – May 20, 2015BitTitan, the cloud enablement provider, today announces the issuance of U.S. Patent 8,938,510 entitled “On-Demand Mailbox Synchronization and Migration System.” The patent is the result of BitTitan’s ongoing innovation in cloud computing and mailbox migration. The company’s migration solutions dynamically allocate computing resources for the migration of mailbox data to the cloud and enable SMBs, enterprises and the channel to deliver efficient, compliant and low-cost migrations of mailbox data across global data centers.

“This patent is an example of BitTitan’s successful innovation,” said Geeman Yip, CEO and founder of BitTitan. “Our automated migration technology is the clear choice for mailbox migrations of any size. Since 2009, BitTitan’s dynamic resource allocation technology has been used to migrate over 2.5 million mailboxes globally and we are on track to migrate another 2 million this year alone. Our expertise enables us to arm companies with the tools needed to eliminate bandwidth issues, increase efficiencies and ensure mailbox migration compliance worldwide.”

BitTitan’s migration solutions can instantly spin up hundreds, if not thousands, of computing resources in the cloud to support the needs of any mailbox migration anywhere in the world. The technology eliminates bandwidth issues by dynamically assigning which resources are used and when based on server type, availability and security needs. With BitTitan, the movement of data can take place at anytime, regardless of the size of the migration, eliminating the burden of having to schedule a migration during off-peak times. This is particularly beneficial to the channel, which can provide unlimited customer migrations simultaneously without service degradation.

BitTitan’s solutions automate the entire email and data migration process, including configuration and onboarding, to make transitions to new platforms effortless. The company offers a broad range of solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of companies of varying sizes – from a small company simply moving email to a large healthcare organization requiring HIPAA-compliant data transfer of files and archives. In addition BitTitan supports the broadest range of sources and destinations on the market. The result is a seamless migration that allows companies to focus on the benefits of the cloud. BitTitan’s solutions include:

  • MigrationWiz – automatically migrates mailboxes and data from any platform and is ideal for companies of any size. It supports mailbox migration, document migration, public folder migration and archive migration (including PST files).
  • DeploymentPro – automatically configures and onboards existing Outlook clients to Office 365.
  • UserActivation – ideal for small to midsized companies, it is a complete solution that automates every step of the onboarding process to Office 365.
  • DataEncryption – encrypts Exchange data before it goes to the cloud and it remains encrypted in transit, in use, and at rest.

Further product information is available at

About BitTitan:

BitTitan is the cloud enablement and IT change automation expert that delivers end-to-end solutions for migration and onboarding challenges. Unlike competitive solutions, BitTitan removes barriers to change, including complexity, risk, cost and time constraints. With IT change automation, users can be current, have a choice, maintain control, and eliminate chaos. Its globally recognized products, MigrationWiz®, DeploymentPro™, and UserActivation™, and DataEncryption deliver tailored solutions for today’s challenges, such as Office 365 onboarding and email migration. The credible, safe and trusted choice for both direct and partner channels, BitTitan has migrated more than 2.5 million mailboxes to the cloud in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit

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