BitTitan Launches MSPComplete for the Microsoft® Partner Ecosystem

BitTitan Launches MSPComplete for the Microsoft® Partner Ecosystem

Comprehensive enablement platform to accelerate cloud revenue for managed service providers

KIRKLAND, Wash. – October 20, 2015 – BitTitan, the cloud services enablement leader, today announces the launch of MSPComplete, an end-to-end enablement platform developed for Microsoft -focused managed service providers (MSPs) to help them easily create additional cloud offerings.

According to Gartner, the “public cloud market will almost double in size over four years to reach $160 billion by 2018” – Forecast: Public Cloud Service Brokerage 4Q14, February 2015, Fred Ng  et al. This growth in adoption of cloud platforms such as Microsoft Office 365™ and Microsoft Azure™ has created the emergence of a new type of IT service provider, specializing in cloud services. By leveraging MSPComplete’s three pillars of cloud enablement – Sell, Onboard and Service – these new specialized service providers can now capitalize on the massive growth in cloud spending.

“BitTitan eliminated many of the roadblocks we had with selling and delivering cloud services, allowing us to exponentially increase profits,” said Frank Suglia, co-founder and managing partner, Strategic SaaS. “The products, tools and education offered in their partner platform have sharpened our competitive edge and have enabled us to provide unique cloud offerings to fit the needs of our customers.”

MSPComplete enables growth for MSPs across every area of their business through three core pillars:

  • Sell more Office 365, Azure and complementary services
  • Onboard more cloud products and workloads faster
  • Service customers through their cloud journey
    • Cross-Sell: competitive product flagging e.g., WebEx®, SalesForce® and Dropbox
    • Managed Services: cloud application and infrastructure reporting
    • Complementary Products: email archiving, data encryption and more

MSPComplete is designed for existing MSPs and other Microsoft partners that desire to become MSPs, including system integrators and CSP 2-Tier resellers. The platform integrates with distributors and providers. BitTitan also offers CSPComplete, a version of MSPComplete designed specifically for Microsoft CSP 1-Tier resellers and partners that want to become a 1-Tier reseller.

“BitTitan MSPComplete is a groundbreaking offering that changes how the entire IT service provider industry will approach the cloud,” said Geeman Yip, CEO of BitTitan. “The cloud opportunity for Microsoft partners goes far beyond just email and migration. BitTitan is delivering all the other pieces of the cloud puzzle, enabling managed service providers to truly benefit from all the cloud has to offer.”

For more information about MSPComplete, visit

About BitTitan:

BitTitan is the cloud services enablement leader, delivering solutions that help partners sell, onboard, and service cloud technology. BitTitan’s solutions are cloud-based and save time, money and resources without sacrificing security. Partners have used BitTitan’s globally-recognized products, including MigrationWiz, to help more than 75,000 global customers transition millions of employees seamlessly to the cloud. For more information, visit

Microsoft, Office 365, Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint and Outlook are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. WebEx is registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. Salesforce is a trademark of, inc. Dropbox is a trademark of Dropbox Inc.


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