Black Box Redefines the Standards for Premier KVM and AV/IT System Management Platforms with Boxilla

Comprehensive and Centralized Command Center Ideal for Large-Scale Enterprise Deployments

PITTSBURGH, PA, February 7, 2017) – (Integrated Systems Europe 2017, Amsterdam) – Black Box, a world leading technology solutions provider of high-performance KVM, professional A/V signal distribution and extension and switching solutions, today unveiled Boxilla, a premier enterprise-level KVM and AV/IT system management platform, featuring a comprehensive and centralized command center, which provides unparalleled performance, ease of use and security.  

KVM and AV/IT system management professionals face increasing complexity associated with diverse infrastructures and multiple types of end points including physical or virtual machines, applications and networks. Boxilla’s comprehensive ability to manage high-performance KVM, KVM over IP, virtualized end-points, and various AV/IT devices on one centralized command center, empowers administrators to manage multi-environment KVM and AV/IT deployments using a powerful web-enabled and common user-interface.

Boxilla’s premier benefits include:

  • Centralized Configuration Management. Centralized upgrading sends firmware updates over the network. In addition, the configuration of various devices can be centrally backed up and restored, eliminating the need for a technician to go to each device to upgrade firmware or restore the configuration.
  • It automates security management. Boxilla captures all the end points in the system and can detect if hackers are trying to break in. In addition, it quickly identifies refused login or unauthorized login attempts so users know if they are being targeted for hacking. It then correlates that information and gets it back to the administrator quickly and efficiently. If security is compromised, the right people will know it in real time, getting detailed information within about 90 seconds of the event.
  • Ease of use. Boxilla’s comprehensive and centralized command center makes it far more straightforward to manage everything, all across the enterprise. It sends automated commands to network switches and provides a central dashboard for authentication, access control, accountability, troubleshooting and device monitoring. It allows for the upgrading of thousands of remote devices with one click, without ever leaving your seat – let alone the building.
  • Performance Monitoring: It is easy to navigate centralized management, monitor frame per second rate, network latency, dropped frames, bandwidth usage, and user response times. It actively keeps logs of user connections reporting on who’s connected to whom. It also enables device management by providing information on things such as an overloaded network switch, bandwidth usage or device status to address potential problems before they happen.

Boxilla is designed for enterprise-level deployments with large-scale, mission-critical applications involving multiple end-points. In these environments, Boxilla’s ability to streamline and automate the communications between KVM devices becomes highly valuable. For everything from emergency rooms and 911 centers to classrooms and conference rooms, Boxilla is redefining efficiency, simplicity and functionality in high-volume environments.

Boxilla is software upgradable and future-proof. In addition to InvisaPC and virtualized end-points, upcoming planned upgrades in the near future will enable support for other Black Box product families, including DKM, Agility, ControlBridge and Coalesce.

“As one example of Boxilla’s capabilities, our first integration is with Black Box’s InvisaPC solution, the first and only high-performance solution to virtualized KVM systems,” said John Hickey, senior director of research and development and KVM systems at Black Box. “Now with Boxilla, the InvisaPC system is a scalable virtualization solution with a matrix that can scale to an unlimited number of devices expanding its stand-alone capability for a maximum of 32 physical and/or virtual servers.”

Additional background can be found here.

About InvisaPC

InvisaPC bridges the gap between IP-based KVM extension/switching and access to virtual servers. The hardware-based InvisaPC offers plug-and-play connectivity with a receiver installed at each users’ workstation. As an extension and remote desktop solution for KVM, HD video and virtual desktops, this system provides remote access to physical or virtualized CPUs for real-time and high-bandwidth applications.

About Black Box

Black Box is a world leading technology solutions provider specializing in complete high-performance KVM, professional A/V signal distribution and extension and switching solutions for mission-critical applications. Black Box is dedicated to delivering superior project engineering, technical support, and 24/7 customer service you can rely on for your most critical operations. Every day, our customers trust us to design, integrate, and maintain reliable control room solutions for broadcasting, post-production, stadiums & arenas, medical, air traffic control, oil & gas, government & military, and utility industries. Leave the tech to us and our comprehensive technology solutions will deliver secure connections, fast-response times, real-time collaboration and more.

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