Bringing Live Rugby Matches to a Screen Near You

Live events content has the opportunity to be a major cash cow for broadcasters and service providers. Historically, many missed out on this opportunity because live event production was extremely resource intensive. Traditional Outside Broadcast (OB) production resulted in the inefficient use of equipment and staff. Net Insight has overcome this bottleneck with its solutions for remote production and centralized workflows.

With Net Insights’s solutions, live events and multi-camera broadcasts over an unlimited distance can be controlled from a single studio. This eliminates the need for OB vans onsite, drastically cutting the amount of equipment and staff required. This frees up resources, enabling the production of more live, niche and premium content that today’s consumer’s demand.

As proof of its capabilities, SIS LIVE, one of the UK’s leading broadcast connectivity experts, is using Net Insight’s equipment for the live broadcast of rugby matches. Net Insight’s media transport solutions will be deployed at UK venues to extend coverage to thirteen additional rugby grounds.

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