Broadband MSO’s Rejoice: High-Quality Power Supplies at Entry-Level Prices

Players of all sizes in the cable and broadband industry are on a mission to build a more reliable and robust outside plant network. Unfortunately, MSOs have only two options in their quest for this type of power:

  1. Top-of-line products, with added functionalities such as connectivity, that come with a hefty price tag
  2. Low-entry products that don’t offer the quality and reliability needed

This has created a serious roadblock for companies who don’t want to sacrifice quality for costs when searching for low-entry products. The industry was not able to deliver an entry-level, high-quality power supply with backup battery capabilities…. until now.

To meet this industry challenge head on, Alpha Technologies is delivering its EM Series power supply at an entry-level price point. There are no quality sacrifices as the series meets Alpha’s strict design, testing and manufacturing standards. It also delivers on Alpha’ reputation for optimal durability and reliability. The new product has a backup battery that includes advanced battery management that can increase battery life by 20 percent and reduce total cost of ownership.

You can read more about Alpha products announced at the show here.