It’s Time for a (Virtual) Reality Check

When we hear the word “mobile,” we normally think of smartphones, tablets and wearables. However, there’s a new wave of technology taking the mobile space by storm: virtual reality.

What once seemed like a technology dream is becoming mainstream. Major players have announced or are in the process of launching an array of virtual reality solutions. Here’s some of the most recent:

  • HTC announced its Vive Pre virtual reality headset at CES last month
  • Nokia developed a VR camera that captures 360 degree audio and video
  • Facebook is continuing to work on Oculus Rift, set to ship March 28
  • Google is also launching its own virtual reality headset

Virtual reality is one of the key trends you can expect to see at Mobile World Congress. Learn more about what to expect from this year’s show here.

In the meantime, how big of an impact do you think virtual reality will have on the mobile industry?