NAB 2016 – The Carpets Are Worn!

NAB 2016 – The Carpets Are Worn!

With an attendance of more than 103,000 visitors the NAB 2016 show more than lived up to industry expectation.

The world’s largest annual convention covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums showed its power to deliver headlines, launch new products and connect with key market influencers.

Key trends at the show included:

  • Consumers have become more engaged and technically savvy which means expectations are getting higher when it comes to digital content.
  • Cloud technology is set to be a primary enabler of content delivery of live streams. Hint: it’s all about bandwidth.
  • Gathering user data and analytics are the key to personalising experiences. Hint: you need to know your target.

Why not put NAB 2017 in your diary – it is back in Las Vegas April 22-17.


NAB 2015: What’s New in DTT, 4K and Remote Production

Improving the experience for the consumer while simplifying network complexities are two key priorities for broadcasters. At this year’s NAB, Net Insight made a number of announcements that help broadcasters achieve their goals, specifically in the areas of DTT, 4K transport and remote production:

  • 4K fuelling remote production

Producing and transporting live 4K content comes at a cost that many broadcasters are finding difficult to swallow. Net Insight showed how with remote production, media operators can produce and transport live 4K content at a fraction of the cost and detailed why the rise in producing live 4K content is fuelling greater demand for remote production. For more, click here.

  • Customer-provisioned networks for Ethernet services

Net Insight launched the first solution that enables broadcasters and media companies to automatically book and order short-term Ethernet services along side traditional media services. Learn more here.

  • DTT over the Internet

Net Insight demonstrated how it’s uniquely addressing the DTT market with its Nimbra VA 200 solution, which offers a way for DTT operators to add new channels and content to their existing media offerings with unrivalled cost efficiency. To learn more, check out the news release.

  • Solutions deployed at English Premier League Football stadiums

Net Insight’s Nimbra MSRs has been implemented by SIS LIVE to offer one of the leading UK broadcast connectivity specialists and its customers an incomparable service-centric solution that provides end-to-end visibility in the network. SIS LIVE is using the Nimbra solution to help a major broadcaster transport live HD sports content from stadiums to the broadcasters’ central hub for editing. Find the full press release here.

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Digital Cinema News from NAB 2015

The digital media and digital cinema industry is always on the lookout for solutions that both improve the experience for the consumer, and simplify the production and post-production workflow for industry pros. At this year’s NAB, Fraunhofer Digital Cinema (booth #C8931) revealed the latest technology developments that meet this need:

The first test shoot for its light-field technology for moving pictures

Fraunhofer IIS is presenting the first live-action test shoot using its light-field media production system. In a joint project with the Stuttgart Media University, Fraunhofer is showcasing how moviemakers can use the multi-camera system to bring the creative possibilities typically only possible with CGI in post-production to live-action movie production. For more, click here.

New tools for easyDCP

Fraunhofer IIS is presenting new tools and features for its easyDCP suite 3.2. These include features to ensure easy and correct handling of DCPs and IMPs, an asset management tool and hybrid JPEG 2000 encoding. Learn more here.

The first integration of lightweight coding technology LICI

As the demand for ultra HD/4K content grows, post-production and broadcast pros are challenged to efficiently transport video over available infrastructures. Fraunhofer IIS’ lightweight coding technology (LICI) addresses this by adjusting video ­streams to the available infrastructure and bandwidth without sacrificing quality. To bring this technology to the market, Fraunhofer IIS announced its integration into IHSE’s KVM extender. To learn more, check out the news release.

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Spring Showers Bring out NAB Followers

Spring has officially begun, meaning NAB is just around the corner. With less than four weeks to go until thousands of broadcast professionals flock to Las Vegas, the VisiTech PR team is reading stories and talking to media and analysts about what we can expect at this year’s show. Based on what we’ve heard and seen, there will once again be something for everyone. Here’s just a snapshot of things to get excited about at NAB 2015:

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