AT&T and Warner Plan to Disrupt Traditional Model with On-Line Video Bundles

AT&T is set to purchase Time Warner for around $85 Billion, a move that would create a media and communications company that would include TBS, CNN, HBO and the Warner Bros. film and TV Studios.

Analysts and industry observers see the move being initiated by the need to replace flagging wireless revenues and to compete with Netflix or YouTube as potential ‘points of entry’ for media consumers.

The deal still has to pass under the regulatory microscope, given the advantage this would give AT&T.

The speed of the deal has surprised many, driven by trends in the AT&T’s revenues. In the latest three-month period, AT&T lost 268,000 wireless subscribers, as well as 3,000 video subscribers.

What are your thoughts on the deal?

VR Awareness Low as Big Hitters Set to Enter the Market

According to a new survey and report, the majority of US citizens are unable to explain virtual reality. Yet, they’re willing to spend up to $300 on a VR headset. The report outlines half cannot actually name a single brand behind the technology.

Awareness of virtual reality could receive a big boost soon following the announcements from two big hitters.

Sky TV is set to release a range of content compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has released its software development kit (SDK) for HoloLens, which it claims to be the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling users to interact with high?definition holograms in their own world.

How many VR vendors can you name today?

Summer Fun Gadgets to Keep you Cool!

Summer is here! It’s time for BBQs, lazing on hot days and weekends, taking a dip in the pool and meeting up with friends. It’s chill time… or is it?

Will you be able to turn off, shut down, log out and take a digital detox? It’s possible you don’t wan to. Or – maybe your work-life balance scale is too heavily tipped in the direction of the office.

Whatever your circumstances or preferences this summer – there are plenty of fun gizmos around that can help you beat the heat – and the occasional shower of rain or wave – and even some that can keep you connected if you just have to take that call.

Here are our three of favorites:

  • For the ‘ultimate shut out’, the waterproofed iPod shuffle swim kit keeps your music playing to a depth of 210 feet. No one is going to ring your bell and get you on the phone down there – even if you could hear it!
  • Can’t leave the phone more that arms reach away? Nervous that there’s no power outlet on the beach? What you need is The EchoCharge+! It even comes with a flashlight for any of you avid hikers out there!
  • What do the theme from Endless Summer, Wipe Out and Soul Limbo all have in common? They’re all beach tunes and benefit from a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Take a gander at a few options
  • Why not commemorate all of the good times this summer? Or maybe just those selfies by the pool. Check out the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer.

Do you own any of these, or would you pick some up to get the season started? Is there anything you would add to this collection? Let us know.

Back to School Tech for 2015

The 2015-2016 school year is going to be filled with technology, no matter the grade or age. Of course the back to school list will include the usual laptop, headphones and cell phone. Here’s a list of some unique gadgets that will enhance any learning experience.

Any other back to school tech that has caught your eye?

Goodbye, Windows Server 2003

Despite all of the memories, it’s time to move on…..from Windows Server 2003, that is. On Tuesday, July 14, Microsoft will end support for the operating system. Yet many companies are having a hard time letting go, and haven’t migrated to a new system.

Many put off the move because it is a complex and time-consuming task. An example of this complexity is the transfer of print servers. Existing print environments can’t simply be migrated on a 1 to 1 basis, and unnecessary legacy printing systems and infrastructures must be removed. Enterprise mobility leader Cortado knows exactly what IT administrators can do to cut the chaos out of this transition.

Cortado will show how with a combination of Microsoft tools and its PowerShell-based ThinPrint Management Services, companies can seamlessly and flexibly migrate their printing systems from Windows Server 2003.

To learn more, check out Cortado’s live webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 at 9AM EST.

Cloud Rangers to the Rescue!

Even with the most sophisticated tools at partners’ fingertips, moving a larger company to the Microsoft cloud can be tricky. The challenge exists because there’s a large amount of data, many types of files, multiple platforms and the process often requires customization. What the channel needs to succeed in these scenarios is someone who knows the ins and outs of the process.

BitTitan addresses these issues head on with the launch of its Partner Advisory Service and the Cloud Rangers Program. As part of this service, partners can proactively access expert advice on any email and data migration project from Cloud Rangers, an elite group of Microsoft MVPs certified in the use of Microsoft and BitTitan’s products.

As a result, partners can not only ensure a smooth move of their customers to the cloud, but also target larger companies for these projects and generate more revenues. As for Microsoft, this initiative will help increase the adoption of its products too.

See more details about the program here.

The First HIPAA-Compliant Migration Solution

Complying with HIPAA regulations is necessary for partners enabling the cloud for the healthcare industry. Many companies go to great lengths to purchase HIPAA-compliant cloud services, but they often overlook the first step: migration.

BitTitan, IT change automation expert for cloud-based migration and onboarding, today launched the industry’s first solution to provide migrations compliant with HIPAA and HITECH. A new feature of BitTitan’s MigrationWiz permits partners to fully automate the move of mailboxes, data, public folders and personal archives while exceeding healthcare customers’ compliance obligations.

This enables partners to eliminate the barriers prohibiting healthcare customers from moving to the cloud, while also unlocking a new source of revenue for themselves.

Read more about this first-of-a-kind migration solution here.

Top Four Sessions to Attend at HTNG 2015

The Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) 2015 North American Conference is next week. Attendees include technology buyers, industry experts and high-level management from across the globe. The conference serves as a hotspot for hospitality technologists to discuss the latest research and trends in hotel IT, infrastructure and networks.

Though the event encompasses four days of tech talks, roundtables and strategy dialogues, here are the sessions that we’re most excited for:

Where do you think the future of hotel technology is headed?

South African Network Operator Strengthens National DTT Network

This June marks the deadline to migrate from analog to digital television in South Africa. The switch imposes new challenges for operators on the quality of service (QoS) needed to handle the mission critical characteristics of national TV distribution. This means operators switching from analog to new digital infrastructures will experience increased capacity requirements.

Anticipating the increased requirements, South Africa’s state-owned transmission network operator, Sentech, selected Net Insight’s Nimbra media switch routers (MSRs) to deliver contribution services and distribution for its national digital terrestrial TV (DTT) network – the second largest in Africa. By opting for Net Insight’s solution, Sentech will benefit from uncompromised QoS and content integrity in its new DTT network, allowing it to combine native video/audio service transport capabilities with carrier-class Metro Ethernet switching.

Further details on this partnership can be found here.