News from MWC to Improve Carriers’ Customer Experience

Telecom carriers strive to continually improve their customer experience. To ensure their customers are happy, carriers need to know what their customers’ experience is in real time – whether that’s network availability and performance data or customer service.

Mosaik Solutions has always been committed to helping carriers improve their customer experience. At Mobile World Congress, the company made two announcements to bring even more value to its customers:

  • Mosaik announced a partnership with SightCall to bring WebRTC video collaboration platform to telecom providers to help them transform their customer service.
  • The company also announced a new name for its app-based T&M solution, formerly known as XenSurvey. Under the name Signal Insights, the solution complements traditional T&M options by providing a quick, easy and cost-effective way to evaluate the performance of wireless networks using Android devices.

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