Cloud Rangers to the Rescue!

Even with the most sophisticated tools at partners’ fingertips, moving a larger company to the Microsoft cloud can be tricky. The challenge exists because there’s a large amount of data, many types of files, multiple platforms and the process often requires customization. What the channel needs to succeed in these scenarios is someone who knows the ins and outs of the process.

BitTitan addresses these issues head on with the launch of its Partner Advisory Service and the Cloud Rangers Program. As part of this service, partners can proactively access expert advice on any email and data migration project from Cloud Rangers, an elite group of Microsoft MVPs certified in the use of Microsoft and BitTitan’s products.

As a result, partners can not only ensure a smooth move of their customers to the cloud, but also target larger companies for these projects and generate more revenues. As for Microsoft, this initiative will help increase the adoption of its products too.

See more details about the program here.