Cortado Combines Enterprise Mobility with Secure Mobile iOS Printing

Cortado Corporate Server combines iOS devices’ AirPrint™ feature with secure, user-authenticated printing to any printer

(Denver, March 24, 2015) Cortado Mobile Solutions, maker of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, today announced a new print function for enterprise customers with iOS devices. The new version, which will arrive in a few weeks, will enable iPhone- and iPad users to enjoy secure, user-authenticated, mobile printing on any available network printer. To print, users simply identify themselves at the printer with their iOS device.

Printouts don’t always end up in the right hands. This can have dire consequences when printed documents contain sensitive data, such as personal information. For the protection of documents, Cortado Mobile Solutions now offers a new mobile iOS print function for enterprise customers.

The Personal Printing technology already integrated into Cortado Corporate Server has been combined with Cortado’s native iOS printing, enabling any printer to be used via iOS devices’ AirPrint™ feature. With this combination, the user can select the Personal Printer from any iOS app via the AirPrint™ print dialog box and authenticate their identity by scanning the QR code on the printer of their choice, in order to begin printing. With this patent-pending process, the secure print process can be carried out completely mobile.

For example, if an employee would like to print out a document created in Pages on an iPad for a meeting while on the way to the meeting, they select the Personal Printer via the integrated AirPrint™ print dialog box. At the printer of their choice, they scan the QR code affixed to the printer and this initiates their print job. The print job is activated where it is needed and unauthorized access to the printed document is prevented. No special AirPrint™ printers are necessary to be able to use the new print function.

“The combination of Personal Printing with native iOS printing not only protects against printouts falling into the wrong hands, but also provides flexible mobile printouts,” said Kristin Montag, chief product officer of Cortado Mobile Solutions. “With the implementation of secure native iOS printing, AirPrint™ becomes extremely easy. User-authenticated printing works from any app and with any printer. That saves money, increases productivity and guarantees security.”

A fully functional demo version of the current software is available at:

The new Cortado Corporate Server Version 7.4 will be released in a few weeks.


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