Cortado Corporate Server will enable direct access to the corporate network with extensions support

(BERLIN/DENVER, September 22 2014) Enterprise mobility expert Cortado announces that the upcoming version of its on-premises solution, Cortado Corporate Server, will support app extensions available with iOS 8. This means that users will be able to open and save documents directly to the corporate network with the Cortado solution – without having to resort to additional storage options and apps.


With iOS 7, interaction between apps on iOS devices has been via the “open in” option. Thus documents are “opened in” from one app to another and saved. Should the document be edited with another app, then this is done via “open in” and saving the file to a different location. The result is duplicated documents in multiple locations and tedious searching for the latest version of the file. Today, Cortado Corporate Server already offers this with Smart Filing, an intelligent way to save files from an app instantly and directly to the file server.


With iOS 8, this concept is even further simplified. Apple introduced app extensions, i.e. the opening of Apple up to other storage providers. Thanks to document providers, the user no longer has to constantly switch between apps and storage locations, but can save files in other systems.


The new version of Cortado Corporate Server, due later this year, will fully support this new iOS 8 feature. Directly via Cortado’s enterprise mobility solution, users will be able to access the corporate file server with their apps and save documents to the corporate network.


“With our new version for iOS 8, searching for the latest version of a document and creating unnecessary duplicates in different locations is no longer necessary”, said Kristin Montag, Cortado Corporate Server product manager at Cortado. “There is now only a single version of the document that can be edited with different apps and saved directly to the corporate network. This is a huge step for the business capability of iPads and iPhones and overall mobile productivity.”


More information about the current version, Cortado Corporate Server 7.2, is available at

A recorded webinar is available on the Cortado website dealing with this topic titled “iOS 8 & Cortado – Designing Enterprise Mobility”.


This press release is available online and may be downloaded at


About Cortado

Cortado – formerly ThinPrint – has delivered solutions for the modern working world since 1999. Enterprise mobility, printing, virtualization and BYOD are the main focus of the company. Cortado combines innovative devices such as smartphones and tablets with the customary requirements of office work, in teams and beyond space and system boundaries.


Easy for users, innovative, reliable, and with a high return on investment. These are the distinguishing features of Cortado products. No other company focuses so much on the issue of consumerization. By constantly evaluating feedback from users of its free cloud services available in all major app stores, Cortado continuously improves its products. These foundations allow Cortado to optimally implement an enterprise mobility strategy for businesses of all sizes.


Cortado established itself internationally with ThinPrint, the leading printer virtualization technology, which is used in 116 countries by thousands of companies. Even the biggest customers of Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services rely on ThinPrint. Via a long-term OEM partnership, VMware integrates ThinPrint technology.


The advantages of printer virtualization will only increase, also for cloud providers and in networks with physical desktops. Results are significant cost savings, immensely reduced helpdesk requests and noticeably more satisfied employees.


Over 20,000 enterprise customers with 5 up to 150,000 employees, as well as hundreds of thousands of individual users worldwide rely on Cortado solutions. As an internationally operating company, and founder of the Cloud Printing Alliance, Cortado employs over 220 highly skilled employees at its headquarters in Berlin, Germany and in its branch offices in the United States, the UK, Australia, France and Japan. Cortado was a winner of the 2013 and 2014 Great Place to Work® competition and is named as one of the “Best Employers in Berlin-Brandenburg”.


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