Cortado Offers Users Full Control Over Security of Shared Files

With Cortado Workplace, users can now choose between highly secure or especially easy file sharing

 (BERLIN/DENVER, April 15, 2014) Cortado, provider of the free productivity app CortadoWorkplace, has just released a new web version of the app. The newest version uniquely offers different ways to share files. This includes a highly-secure option with a personalized link or a simple link, including a file preview, that is easily forwarded on to others.

Whether it’s photos, presentations, videos or documents, users want to share their files with family, friends and acquaintances. Most providers rely on a simple link shared with others via e-mail. It’s quick and easy for the user, security however, is one area that remains a challenge.

Cortado Workplace takes a different approach and provides users with complete control when sharing their files. Depending on the scenario and the file, either an especially secure or extremely easy way of sharing files is available. With just a single click, the user has the freedom to choose which option they want.

When a file is selected to be shared in Cortado Workplace, it can be done either privately or publicly. For the private version, a personalized link is sent with a personal message from the sender. The file can only be accessed by the recipient of the e-mail. This makes it ideal for confidential or sensitive files. When the user chooses public sharing, the recipient is sent a link through which he can download the file or forward it on to others, if desired.

Both options have a range of advantages, including an optional data-optimized preview, which allows various document types to be viewed on virtually any smartphone or tablet. With the new browser version of Cortado Workplace, it is also possible to share entire folders as a ZIP file. Sharing vacation photos or a large number of documents is now easier than ever.

“Our approach to sharing files with personalized links is unique and places the focus squarely on data security,” said Carsten Mickeleit, CEO at Cortado. “With the additional approach of public sharing, we give users the freedom to choose exactly what level of security they require for each document in a folder when sharing.”

More information and the option to download Cortado Workplace as the new browser version or as native apps for iOS, Android or BlackBerry can be found at

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