Cortado Unveils Enhanced Enterprise Mobility Offerings for Service Providers

Cortado Corporate Server’s new multi-tenant capabilities ensures maximum security with minimal operating costs and administrative effort
(BERLIN/DENVER, March 1, 2017) Cortado Mobile Solutions, manufacturer of the productivity-enhancing enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, today announced the release of the multi-tenant version of its software. Service providers can now create secure and separate areas for individual business customers on a single server, while managing all customer accounts through a centralized management console. The multitenancy capability allows service providers to significantly lower hardware costs and increase efficiency and simplicity in managing devices and apps.

Without multitenancy, service providers offering mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) to their customers required a separate server for each business customer for security reasons. The consequences were high hardware costs and complicated setup and management of new customers.

With the multi-tenant version of Cortado Corporate Server, service providers can create strictly separate areas for multiple business customers on just one server. Each tenant has their own SQL database and connection to Microsoft’s Active Directory.
“With the new multi-tenant feature, Cortado is meeting the needs of service providers who want to offer their customers enterprise mobility combined with maximum security, minimal operating costs and little administrative effort,” said Armin Lungwitz, CIO of Cortado Mobile Solutions. “This feature is also ideal for companies that want to manage individual sites or subsidiaries separately.”
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Cortado Mobile Solutions

Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cortado Holding AG, and is responsible for all operations relating to the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server. The unique enterprise mobility solution offers the perfect balance between security for the organization, easy manageability for the IT department and maximum flexibility for users.

The on-premises software includes all the tools required for successful enterprise mobility; mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile content management, and can be fully integrated into the Windows backend. IT administrators continue to work with their known systems, Active Directory groups and Windows privileges, and users can access network drives, SharePoint and intranet pages directly from their mobile devices.

Cortado Mobile Solutions follows the philosophy that working natively delivers the highest levels of user acceptance. So Cortado’s enterprise mobility solution fully supports native app management and instead of focusing on separate storage when it comes to file sharing, enables a direct connection to the corporate network. The result is a significant increase in productivity for mobile employees, improved collaboration among teams as well as convenient management for the IT department. Cortado’s enterprise mobility solution is developed and tested at its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Also experts in offices in the United States, UK, Australia, Japan, and Brazil, highly qualified consultants at our Berlin location as well as a trained, worldwide network of channel partners provide presence and support to local customers throughout the world.



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