Customer Obsession – A Valentine’s Day Special

CMOs are tasked with creating cultural and operational aspects within their companies that build a customer obsession. This is central to business success in highly competitive marketing environments. We have evolved beyond customer-oriented and customer-centric goals to “customer obsession.” In honor of Valentine’s Day, I offer a few of my favorite tips to make it all about the customer.

Pick cultural fits

If given the choice, everyone wants to work with people they like. Working with people that you genuinely enjoy being around creates a foundation for trust. Create your own framework for customers. What are your must haves and must avoids?

Match the brand to the customer journey

If you want a long-term relationship, then the customer experience must match the brand. Once a customer buys and becomes a customer, design a customer journey that is focused on customer retention. Find out what they want and create a journey that exceeds their expectations with innovative, unique touches. Focusing resources on keeping customers is a better business investment than focusing on getting them.

Don’t talk trash

We have an incredible client portfolio with amazing client teams. This makes it easy to live by our rule at VisiTech PR that we don’t get in an us vs. them mentality. If you are upset with a client, you have three choices. 1) You can change it 2) You can accept it 3) You can leave the client relationship. Spreading negativity about clients is not an option. It does not help, and is usually a cop out to accepting responsibility.

Turn a mistake into an opportunity

No one is perfect. Every reasonable person understands this. A mistake is an opportunity to overcome the issue and continue with the customer in an even stronger position. Remember, it is not usually the mistake that loses a customer, it is how you deal with it.

Be on their team

Do you root for your customers? Of course, some business models dictate that you serve competitors and you maintain a Switzerland approach. Regardless, it is imperative to have your customer’s best interest at heart and show it consistently.

Share good energy

Who doesn’t want to have a good day at work? Be positive and enthusiastic. Make the customer feel good. Have some empathy for their human experience.

I wish you, and your very happy customers, a successful customer engagement.