DIMOCO Releases New Report on Carrier Billing in Greece

DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu, a leading payment institute for carrier billing, today published its new carrier billing special report covering the Greek market. The study shows Greece’s mobile handset penetration at 16.68 million, and that the country’s consumption of digital content in the areas of ePublishing, eGames, home videos and music is developing at a considerable rate. The report findings point to enormous profits for digital content merchants who integrate carrier billing into their checkout process.

DIMOCO’s “Carrier Billing Market Special Greece” is the company’s eighth-market analysis study and shows the following user trends:

  • 16.68 million handsets (including 42.6 percent of smartphones) are available on the Greek market.
  • Cosmote (with a market share of 43.05 percent), Vodafone (30.6 percent) and Wind (26.35 percent) are the three primary brands operating in the country’s mobile network. Overall, there is a total of 17.16 million mobile subscribers.
  • Mobile handset penetration is an impressive 154.7 percent, while credit cards penetration rate is 11.6 percent.

“Greece is one of the top five carrier billing markets,” said Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO president & CEO. “Our local presence combined with our know-how and support gives digital content providers the chance to successfully expand their businesses to the Greek market.”

Greek digital content market expectations:

The report cited Price Waterhouse Coopers’ “Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020” on the future of the four main digital content segments in Greece, indicating strong growth across the board. Currently, eGames is the strongest segment in the market with 2015 revenues of 68.4 million euros. This sector will experience a growth rate of 1.6-times current numbers to reach 96.3 million euros in 2020, according to the report.

ePublishing is projected to be the largest digital content producer in Greece by 2020. In 2015, it generated 40.8 million euros in revenue. However, that segment, which includes e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers, is expected to rise to 108 million euros in the next five years.

Home videos will enjoy the strongest growth, posting a 2.8-times increase in revenues from 9 million euros in in 2015 to 21.6 million in 2020. Digital music is looking to have a 1.8-times uptick in this period from 11.7 million euros to 18.9 euros.

All regional DIMOCO Carrier Billing Market Reports (Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, as well as its broader European report) can be accessed at http://www.dimoco.eu/publications.html.

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