Edgeware Launches Two New Origin Products to Complete its TV CDN Architecture

Edgeware today launched its software-based TV Content Creator and TV Repackaging to further expand its origin product suite and complete its TV CDN architecture. The two products will enable operators and content owners to easily create a library of TV content and provide ingest, live-to-VOD and Cloud DVR functions as well as streaming TV content in different formats for multiple device types.

Both the TV Content Creator and the TV Repackaging products are part of Edgeware’s TV CDN architecture. This unique architecture overcomes the challenges of delivering TV content over traditional CDNs by lowering costs, giving content owners insight into their service delivery, and ensuring TV without delays, buffering or glitches.

Edgeware’s origin products stream TV to each viewer, performing repackaging, pause-live TV, ad-insertion and encryption functions. The TV Content Creator ingests and records live content by converting these assets to VOD and time-shift TV, making it easy to monetize TV services such as live-to-VOD, SVOD, cloud DVR, pause-live, catch-up and restart TV. The software allows simultaneous and faultless recording and delivery of thousands of programs to millions of viewers.

The TV Repackaging converts live and VOD assets on-the-fly to the different streaming formats required by today’s devices such as HLS, MSS, DASH. Content can also be encrypted on-the-fly according to its DRM schemes.

As service take-up increases, these delivery functions can be cost-effectively scaled by distributing them closer to the viewer, while retaining the investment in the origin products to perform the content creation.

All of the origin products are available today on Edgeware’s hardware-accelerated TV server platforms, and the full suite of products will also be available as a software solution later this year.

“Delivering our origin products in software gives content owners and operators the tools to scale content functions using centralized cloud infrastructure, and to launch services quickly and easily,” said Johan Bolin, vice president of products at Edgeware. “Then, as they grow, they can scale using distributed content delivery servers to provide highly personalized TV streams. This approach gives TV providers a way to deliver high-quality TV services from day one, and to expand them later at massive scale as needed.”

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