Elauwit Deploys Tellabs Optical LAN Across Five New College Campuses

Student housing provider meets students’ bandwidth demands with fast speeds and matches cottage-style properties with compact network design

NAPERVILLE, Ill. – October 27, 2014 – ACUTA Fall Seminar Booth #14 – Tellabs, a leading provider of passive optical network (PON) solutions, and system integrator CORE Telecom Systems, today at ACUTA Fall Seminar announced that Elauwit, a leading campus housing service provider, has expanded the deployment of Tellabs’ Optical LAN to five additional college campuses, following the deployment across eight colleges in 2013. Elauwit selected Tellabs’ Optical LAN due its scalability to easily meet students’ growing bandwidth needs now and for decades to come.

College students’ bandwidth demands are a major challenge for any student housing network. According to the 2014 State of ResNet report by ACUTA, NACUBO and ACUHO-I, increasing bandwidth is a popular approach to bandwidth management that schools are using to cope with this demand. Tellabs’ fiber-based Optical LAN will provide the campuses with virtually unlimited bandwidth, capable of speeds of up to 101 Tbps, to support RF video and ultra-high-speed wired and wireless Internet services.

Furthermore, the Optical LAN’s compact architecture is a perfect fit for the cottage-style properties. It enables management of the bandwidth that has come to be expected in today’s construction and bulk telecom projects, yet takes up 90 percent less space than legacy copper-based architectures. This makes the architecture also much simpler to manage.

“Whether it’s streaming high-quality video or simply browsing through online study materials, bandwidth needs of college students put campus networks under huge pressure,” said Taylor Jones, CTO at Elauwit. “Following the success of the previous deployment, we knew Tellabs’ Optical LAN was the only way to future-proof college campuses.”

“Unlike the traditional copper-based LAN that requires more equipment and constant infrastructure upgrades to support more bandwidth and new services, Tellabs’ Optical LAN can easily scale and keep pace with students’ bandwidth needs,” said Charlie Stone, VP of North American Sales at Tellabs. “Our solution is ideal because it was built to meet the connectivity needs of high-performance networks, such as student housing, today and tomorrow.”

Tellabs’ partner CORE Telecom Systems coordinated all logistics and support for the deployment. The company’s expertise and complementary solutions, from fiber cable and connection to video and power, was invaluable in providing Elauwit with an end-to-end network solution.

“Optical LAN met all Elauwit’s expectations. It delivered the bandwidth they needed, and the fiber architecture’s small equipment footprint was ideal for the style of the property,” said Lyle Frank, national sales director at CORE Telecom. “Tellabs’ Optical LAN provided Elauwit with technology benefits and value that would not be possible with copper-based LAN.”

The following properties are included in the deployment:

  • Aspen Heights Corpus Christie, TX
  • Aspen Heights Fort Collins, CO
  • Aspen Heights Starkville, MS
  • Capstone New Mexico, NM
  • Capstone San Marcos, TX

 The parties will be discussing the deployment at the ACUTA Fall Seminar, booth #14, taking place October 26-29, 2014 in Boston, MA.

About Elauwit Networks – Elauwit {el•ah•wit} is a forward-focused technology company and provider of bulk telecommunication services to multi-dwelling housing developments. Elauwit is based in Charleston, SC, and for more than a decade has consistently provided reliable, state-of-the-art video, data, and voice products to hundreds of properties. For more information about Elauwit, please visit http://elauwit.com/

About CORE – CORE Telecom Systems, Inc. is an integrated supplier of new and re-used equipment and support services to the telecommunications industry.  We offer superior value with world-class customer service across a wide variety of solutions from broadband switching, access and optical transport to power, batteries and customized cabinetry, including fiber cable, connection and associated tools.  CORE is an authorized distributor for industry leading manufacturers, including Tellabs, Eltek, M2FX (fiber cable/duct), Clearfield (fiber connection), and many other complementary solutions.  CORE Telecom Systems- “Vision, Value, Integrityhttp://www.coretelecom.net/

About Tellabs – Tellabs delivers technology that transforms the way the world communicates. Tellabs evolutionary passive Optical LAN empowers the building of a modern high performance LAN infrastructure that is simple, secure, stable, scalable, sustainable and costs less. http://www.tellabs.com

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