Experton Group Validates Cortado’s Enterprise Mobility Approach

Experton Group Validates Cortado’s Enterprise Mobility Approach

Report notes flexible support of business processes while ensuring security a key challenge for enterprise mobility – working with files is often neglected

(DENVER, September 12, 2013) Cortado, an international provider of enterprise mobility solutions, with its solution Cortado Corporate Server fulfills all the requirements of enterprise mobility as pointed out in a recently published research note by Experton Group AG.  

In renowned IT consulting company, Experton Group’s, recently published report “Documents and Files in the Mobile Enterprise,” it was found that remotely working with files is directly related to the effort to improve work flows with mobile technologies or even to create new business processes.

“Many companies are increasingly more concerned with the actual benefits of mobile devices than with just their administration and security risks,” said Wolfgang Schwab, Manager Advisor & Program Manager of Efficient Infrastructure at Experton Group. “Cortado Corporate Server delivers a successful concept because it pays attention to all three aspects while integrating smartphones and tablets into the existing IT and in the business processes. Thus, it creates added value for employees, admins, and none the least for the company.”

According to Experton Group, dealing with documents is currently one of the biggest challenges for mobile enterprise. Access to applications has already been implemented workably and securely in many companies, however, secure access to documents and files and their synchronization are still highly problematic.

Experton Group recommends that companies place a high priority on introducing a suitable solution and to consider the essential requirements of security and usability. After reviewing Cortado Corporate Server, IT experts from Experton Group concluded that the solution meets these requirements.

“Many solutions for enterprise mobility lack structured approaches for working with documents,” said Schwab. “Cortado is one of the few providers that developed a stringent strategy for this area too.”

Experton Group considers working with documents to include, among other things, the use of a VPN tunnel, pure Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, document management systems, and cloud storage solutions. The consulting company attests that all these approaches have problems primarily with security and the synchronization of files. In matters of security, Cortado Corporate Server delivers satisfaction with a sophisticated security system including encrypted connection, installation on the company network, and complete Active Directory integration. In addition, Cortado’s solution uses uni-directional synchronization, which according to Experton Group, is more practical than bi-directional. Thus, companies can avoid version conflicts and massive amounts of data to be synchronized.

“Experton Group’s statement, that file sharing and security continue to be among the biggest challenges in enterprise mobility for many companies, perfectly corresponds with our own experience with customers throughout the world,” said Thorsten Hesse, Member of the Board at Cortado AG. “Cortado is now in discussion with Experton Group on a collaboration to compile more detailed information on this topic.”

The Experton Group Research Note “Documents and Files in the Mobile Enterprise” can be viewed here free.

A free demo version of the Cortado Corporate Server is available here:

This press release and the press photo are available online and ready to download:

About Cortado

Cortado – formerly ThinPrint – has delivered solutions for the modern working world since 1999. Enterprise mobility, printing, virtualization and BYOD are the main focus of the company. Cortado combines innovative devices such as smartphones and tablets with the customary requirements of office work, in teams and beyond space and system boundaries.

Easy for users, innovative, reliable, and with a high return on investment. These are the distinguishing features of Cortado products. No other company focuses so much on the issue of consumerization. By constantly evaluating feedback from users of its free cloud services available in all major app stores, Cortado continuously improves its products. These foundations allow Cortado to optimally implement an enterprise mobility strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Cortado established itself internationally with ThinPrint, the leading printer virtualization technology, which is used in over 80 countries by thousands of companies. Even the biggest customers of Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services rely on ThinPrint. Via a long-term OEM partnership, VMware integrates ThinPrint technology.

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