Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance Rebrands to Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance

Erlangen, Germany/September 8, 2015 – IBC 2015, hall 8 booth B.80: The Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance, leading provider of end-to-end solutions for an enhanced digital media and cinema workflow, today announces it will offer its research and developments under a new name, the Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance. The new name reflects the Alliance’s broader range of developments beyond cinema for the convergence of media technologies and requirements.

The greatest challenge facing cinema at the beginning of this century was the introduction and use of digital technologies. The rapid growth of digital cinema and digital screens across the world is causing an increased demand for comprehensive technologies and standards that can easily span across cinema, broadcast and multimedia workflows. This includes shorter timeframes, file formats and codecs that optimize processes while enabling new video and audio experiences. As a result, the member institutes of the Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance have expanded the breadth of their research and are bundling their expertise in both audio and image technologies as the Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance.

The Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance’s goal is to provide new technologies and innovations for each step of any digital media or cinema workflow for immersive viewing and audio experiences that enable customers to stay ahead of the market. As a competency center for contract-based research and developments, the Fraunhofer DigitalMedia Alliance focuses on standards-compliant and future-oriented technologies and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and customized for different applications to meet the needs of any customer.

“The convergence of technologies from the big screen to the broadcast and mulitimedia worlds will continue at a rapid pace, and film and media professionals need solutions that free their workflows to not only adapt but to capitalize on this shift,” says Dr. Siegfried Foessel, spokesperson, Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance.

“Each member institute of the Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance brings unrivaled insights and expertise for the development of high-quality, cross-workflow solutionsthat makes this possible today while paving the future of digital cinema and media.”

Member institutes include Fraunhofer IIS, Fraunhofer HHI, Fraunhofer IDMT and Fraunhofer FOKUS. The Alliance boasts more than ten years of worldwide achievements, such as MP3, HE-AAC, HEVC, H.264, the DCI Test plan, easyDCP and MPEG-H.

The institutes will present their latest developments at IBC 2015 in hall 8, booth B.80. Further information is available at


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