Giving Thanks to the Tech that Make Thanksgiving a Holiday to Remember

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at VisiTech PR. Along with gobbling on turkey and pumpkin pie, another tradition for us is taking a look at some of the latest technologies and gadgets to make it a more fun and stress-free holiday. From routing your trip, getting the right golden color on your bird, to limiting (sometimes reluctantly) your naptime, here is our 2015 tech guide to help with your Thanksgiving planning.


Your phone is your best travel buddy:

  • Before hitting the road, check weather and driving conditions. If you are heading to the airport, this app will keep you updated on gate changes and any delays.


Preparing the perfect turkey:

  • There are a few secrets to roasting the bird. The first one is frequently basting it with pan juices to ensure moist and tender meat. The other is this app that calculates roasting time by simply entering the weight of the turkey.


The geeky bakers’ secret to success:

  • Whether you are in charge of bringing the bread pudding, pumpkin or pecan pie, the trick to getting it right is the accuracy in measuring every ingredient. This connected scale enables you to pick a recipe on your mobile device and measure the ingredients wirelessly.


Setting your afternoon nap:

  • What is better than a little afternoon nap with a full belly? But if you have plans after Thanksgiving dinner or don’t want to miss the big game, you can set fun alarms on Android or iOS


What is your secret tech ally for Thanksgiving? Share it with us.