Goodbye, Windows Server 2003

Despite all of the memories, it’s time to move on…..from Windows Server 2003, that is. On Tuesday, July 14, Microsoft will end support for the operating system. Yet many companies are having a hard time letting go, and haven’t migrated to a new system.

Many put off the move because it is a complex and time-consuming task. An example of this complexity is the transfer of print servers. Existing print environments can’t simply be migrated on a 1 to 1 basis, and unnecessary legacy printing systems and infrastructures must be removed. Enterprise mobility leader Cortado knows exactly what IT administrators can do to cut the chaos out of this transition.

Cortado will show how with a combination of Microsoft tools and its PowerShell-based ThinPrint Management Services, companies can seamlessly and flexibly migrate their printing systems from Windows Server 2003.

To learn more, check out Cortado’s live webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 at 9AM EST.