How SMBs Can Grow 10 Fold in Under Five Years

Many SMBs would consider achieving overall 900 percent growth in less than five years a dream. But with the right sales and account management technology, this can be a reality.

Not just any solution fits the bit. Most are expensive and complex, offering too many unnecessary features while lacking tools an SMB actually needs. They also require special training and technical expertise. As a result, staff is often reluctant to use the technology. This leaves uncertainty as to which steps to take and when to start, build and grow the customer relationships pivotal to reaching business goals.

PipelineDeals eliminates these barriers. The company provides everything SMBs need to successfully build business relationships and drive results  from a single, easy-to-use system.

Check out how PipelineDeals enabled software consultancy company 8th Light to grow from 10 to 100 employees in just four years here.