How to Print from Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office iPad users can use Cortado’s free app, ThinPrint Cloud Printer, to print when and where they want

(BERLIN/DENVER, April 1, 2014) With Cortado’s free cloud printing app, ThinPrint Cloud Printer, users can print from the new Microsoft Office for iPad. On its Cloud Printer website, Cortado describes how printing is made possible.

The recently launched Microsoft Office for iPad unfortunately does not include printing functionality. Cortado offers an answer with its ThinPrint Cloud Printer app. The free cloud printing solution turns any printer into a cloud printer. Every user of Microsoft Office for iPad can immediately print with their iPads today.

A guide to printing with ThinPrint Cloud Printer can be found at:

More information about ThinPrint Cloud Printer is available at:

This press release is available online and may be downloaded at

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