Improving Customer Experience with Next-Generation TV Services

Client satisfaction always comes first, no matter the industry. For TV and service providers, delivering what customers want includes video offerings beyond traditional linear TV. In order to achieve this, companies have one of two options. Either upgrade their IP delivery network, or slowly incorporate one change at a time– whether it’s streaming to new devices, increasing content offerings, or managing a growing subscriber base.

Cincinnati Bell relied on Edgeware to tackle all expansion plans at once. With Edgeware’s Video Consolidation Platform (VCP), the company delivers advanced network-based VOD and time-shift services, including catch-up and start-over TV to both set-top boxes (STB) and the latest generation multiscreen devices from a single, consolidated platform.

Edgeware’s VCP offers several other unique benefits, including:

  • Lowering operational and capital expenses associated with networks and equipment, maintenance, power consumption, and the required physical space.
  • Infinite scalability to support rapid increase in the traffic from new services without re-architecture or complex upgrades.

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