Lessons learned from “Back to the Future” and what still lies ahead

For nearly three decades, moviegoers have pictured what types of futuristic devices would actually come to fruition by October 21, 2015. Yes, we know flying cars aren’t zooming around (not yet, at least).

Though the 1989 “Back to the Future” movie sequel may have had no intention of making definitive predictions about the future, some of its ideas were pretty accurate, including:

  • Smart watches: In recent years, major consumer electronic players and smartphone makers have flooded the market with options that can do everything from track health to manage email
  • 3D technology: No, there is no “Jaws 19”, but Hollywood has surely made a point in promoting 3D movies
  • Biometrics: Fingerprints can open doors and authenticate payments – in fact a market study points to some 226 billion biometric payment transactions by 2020
  • Big, flat screen TVs: From super-sized options, to curved screen or Ultra HD 4k resolution. The choice is yours.
  • Drones: Due to the recent boom in recreational drones, users may even have to start registering their aircrafts with the FAA.

And what still lies ahead, making the transition from fiction to fact? Self-lacing shoes! Nike is planning on introducing them in the spring of 2016! Which “Back to the Future” products would you like to experience?