Make Your Content RUN – Relatable, Unique, New

Great content starts with great questions. In the tech marketing world, there is a computer science concept that we regularly refer to as the root cause of most content development issues. The concept is GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. The quality of output is determined by the quality of the input. When it comes to marketing content (or any content for that matter), the quality of information you collect from the knowledge holders is vital to producing content with depth. GIGO is a simple concept. However, without the right interviewing and collection skills, avoiding GIGO is easier said than done.

The importance of content marketing, and the required micro-content, has risen as we need it for both traditional PR and social media including corporate blogs, plus direct marketing and email campaigns, sales materials and even internal communications. This leaves many marketing executives overwhelmed and frustrated with an increased need for content, and less time to produce it as the responsibility scope of marketers continues to broaden.

How can you relieve a little of that pressure? The answer is simple. Decrease the time spent on producing quality content by improving the questions in the interviewing phase of content generation.

At first interview, start with questions that will make your content RUN. What makes content RUN is when you dig to find what is Relatable, Unique, and New.

Some basic questions are a good place to start. These can be asked for every piece of content you write, including product news, blog pieces, and thought leadership opinion or customer stories. The right questions will drive a standard of content that both makes sense and has a strategic backbone.

Here is a chart to guide your questions.

VisiTech PR's questions to make your content RUN

VisiTech PR’s questions to make your content RUN

Content that RUNs is more valuable. It is useful and encourages creative and innovative thought; it drives action in the target market and encourages social media engagement. Just a little extra boost can make your content marathon that much better. Once it is a habit, you will get a runner’s high and may even enjoy the task of high quality content creation.


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