Mobile App Helps Hospitality Industry Keep Guests “Connected”

Roughly 90 percent of travelers carry at least one mobile device. Forty percent use three mobile devices or more. Given this, it’s not surprising guests have such high expectations for cellular and Wi-Fi networks in hotels. But these expectations are not easily met.

It’s next to impossible to know how the network is performing in different locations of the hotel. Without this knowledge, hoteliers cannot assess whether or not guests are receiving the connected experience they expect. This week at HITECH in Austin, Mosaik Solutions provided a means to overcome this challenge.

Mosaik added a new feature to Signal Insights, its easy-to-use mobile test and measurement solution. The new “Tap-Test-Go” feature, available for Android, enables hoteliers to upload an image of their floor plan and perform a wireless network connection test anywhere in the building, be it guests’ rooms, conference rooms, lounge areas or even hallways. The app tracks and reports network experience metrics, including signal strength, downlink speed, uplink speed and latency on a single dashboard. With this data at hand, hotels and their network providers can determine where and how to enhance connectivity.

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