Mosaik Solutions Acquires TowerSource, North America’s Largest Vertical Asset Site Database

Acquisition greatly enhances Mosaik’s intelligence portfolio to better improve site planning strategies

LAS VEGAS – September 8, 2014 – Super Mobility Week/CTIA booth #4641 and CCA booth #212 – Mosaik Solutions, the global source for geospatial network intelligence, today announces its acquisition of TowerSource, North America’s largest and most comprehensive vertical asset database, adding greater value to Mosaik’s network coverage database.

The purchase of TowerSource, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, adds site location information to Mosaik Solutions’ extensive telecom intelligence data sets. The TowerSource database greatly enhances Mosaik’s robust suite of services, which help clients make better business decisions.

“This acquisition continues to build our portfolio of comprehensive telecom business intelligence,” says Bryan Darr, CEO and founder of Mosaik Solutions. “It also enables us to further our capabilities for building geospatial solutions for our clients. As we integrate additional capabilities in the next several months, site acquisition is going to get much more efficient.”

Mosaik will leverage the TowerSource database to extend additional layers of intelligence within its range of services including MapELEMENTS, a cloud-based SaaS used by executives and analysts alike to make consuming information easier and faster. Earlier this year, the company rolled out its Wireless Infrastructure Package that included multi-level coverage, topographic maps, traffic data and exportable point analysis. Site data from TowerSource will soon be included in the package, adding even more value for clients.

TowerSource was formed in 1990. Originally a set of publications known as Fryer’s Site Guides, it is the oldest privately maintained database of towers in North America and evolved into a real estate marketplace for vertical assets. Mosaik Solutions will continue to offer a place for asset owners to market their towers, rooftops and undeveloped land to the wireless, broadcast, emergency services, and land mobile radio communities. In fact, all legitimate infrastructure assets can be listed on the website at no charge. However, consultation on the sale or lease of properties will no longer be offered through TowerSource. “It’s important that Mosaik provides a neutral platform and continues its tradition as a trusted and unbiased source for the entire industry,” states John Gilmer, Mosaik’s vice president of data integrity.

Mosaik Solutions offers the largest and most comprehensive wireless network coverage database in the world, enabling clients to efficiently communicate network availability to their customers and strategically track competition. The company develops network intelligence solutions that help executives, marketers, engineers and GIS analysts tackle marketing programs, competitive network planning and strategic growth initiatives.

TowerSource will be integrated with Mosaik Solutions’ operations during the coming months and will continue to provide the e-commerce services TowerSource’s users enjoy today. All members will be contacted with details of the acquisition and, in the coming weeks, will be offered the opportunity to suggest changes they would like to see made to the site.

The acquisition of TowerSource was accomplished with the assistance of Farris Bobango PLC, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

About Mosaik Solutions, Inc.

Mosaik Solutions builds world-class desktop and mobile applications backed by comprehensive telecom network intelligence. It maintains the most in-depth network coverage and infrastructure database in the world, enabling clients to understand complex spectrum and network coverage dynamics, improve customer experiences and reduce churn with network validation solutions.

As an agile team of researchers, creatives, analysts and mapping experts, Mosaik develops intelligence solutions that help executives, marketers, engineers and tower professionals improve marketing and retention programs, competitive network planning and site acquisition efforts.

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