Mosaik Solutions Announces Mobile and Wireless Testing and Measurement Capabilities at Super Mobility Week

Telecom business intel leader debuts deeper network analysis and software solutions; enters the test and measurement market

LAS VEGAS – September 8, 2014 – Super Mobility Week/CTIA booth #4641 and CCA booth #212 – Mosaik Solutions, the global source for geospatial network intelligence, today announces an exclusive licensing deal for XenSurvey, Xencode’s leading cloud network analytics platform, to enable telecom professionals to plan their M2M and other data-centric applications with greater precision, reduce costs, accelerate time to market and improve quality assurance. Mosaik will leverage XenSurvey independently and in combination with its telecom business intelligence, mobile and web applications to enable its global clientele to measure the performance and quality of cellular networks.

XenSurvey combines the flexibility of Android smartphones and the scalability of the cloud to measure, analyze and compare multiple wireless broadband networks. The licensed solution is composed of an app that gathers network metrics, and a cloud-based analytics engine that receives, formats, and converts the raw data into meaningful information that is clear, uncluttered, and easily analyzed.

As a result of this deal, telecom professionals gain a powerful, carrier-grade network analytics tool that eliminates the cost of specialty equipment. The solution accomplishes this by synchronizing off-the-shelf 4G-capable Android devices with a powerful, cloud-based management system for conducting GPS-accurate network surveys in the field. The application captures and visualizes detailed information to help pinpoint issues and provide with a clear picture of a network’s real-world operational capabilities. XenSurvey interactive mapping leverages Mosaik’s mobile network coverage database to proactively learn where global networks are, by operator and by technology.

“Mobile operators, system integrators, enterprise and M2M customers need to better understand availability, performance and quality of their networks in order to deploy the right device on a preferred network,” said Bryan Darr, founder and CEO of Mosaik Solutions. “At the end of the day, the objective for these players is to know, in a cost-effective fashion, where networks best support mobile applications and devices, and in turn can build more customer loyalty and improve financial performance.”

With the exclusive global licensing and distribution agreement, Mosaik will provide Xencode with sales, marketing and product management support and the companies will work together to develop new capabilities in this dynamic marketplace.

“We are delighted to have forged this relationship with Mosaik to pursue the market opportunity for XenSurvey,” said Jim Baker, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Xencode, Inc. “We integrated Mosaik’s mobile network coverage API within XenSurvey earlier this year, and today’s announcement underlines our commitment to together deliver the very best network analytics and business intelligence solutions possible.”

Mosaik Solutions offers the largest and most comprehensive network coverage database in the world, enabling clients to efficiently communicate network availability to their customers and strategically track competition. The company develops network intelligence solutions that help executives, marketers, engineers and GIS analysts tackle marketing programs, competitive network planning and strategic growth initiatives. 

To learn more about XenSurvey and Mosaik Solutions, visit the company’s booths at CCA #212 and CTIA #4641. For additional information, images and illustrations, visit

About Mosaik Solutions

Mosaik Solutions builds world-class desktop and mobile applications backed by comprehensive telecom network intelligence. It maintains the most in-depth network coverage and infrastructure database in the world, enabling clients to understand complex spectrum and network coverage dynamics, improve customer experiences and reduce churn with network validation solutions.

As an agile team of researchers, creatives, analysts and mapping experts, Mosaik develops intelligence solutions that help executives, marketers, engineers and tower professionals improve marketing and retention programs, competitive network planning and site acquisition efforts.

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About Xencode, Inc.

Xencode is a privately-held company based in Marin County, California, founded in 2012 to produce highly scalable, integrated cloud and mobile services for telecommunications applications. The company’s first product is XenSurvey, an innovative platform for wireless broadband network analytics for Android and Cloud.


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