Mosaik Solutions Debuts Reimagined TowerSource to Improve Site Planning Strategies

The new TowerSource leverages Mosaik’s improved vertical asset data, comprehensive telecom intelligence and visualization, and features a redesigned user interface

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – April 28, 2015 – Wireless Infrastructure Show Booth #700 – Mosaik Solutions, a leader in telecom business intelligence and visualization services, today at the Wireless Infrastructure Show debuted the new web-based TowerSource platform, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive independent vertical asset database. Acquired prior to Super Mobility Week 2014, TowerSource delivers on the promise of a reimagined user experience and provides a smarter way to search and analyze vertical assets.

“The continued explosion in data traffic is prompting the need to make the wireless networks deeper, not just larger, in order to improve the end user experience,” said Bryan Darr, CEO and founder of Mosaik Solutions. “The public’s appetite will continue to drive the demand for new sites as well as the opportunity to maximize the investment in the assets already in place. We’re investing into TowerSource to make it the ideal analysis platform for both asset owners and anyone transmitting a radio signal.”

By providing granular, accurate information about tower location ownership and management, type, height, and more, the new TowerSource empowers tower professionals in any business sector to make better decisions regarding site evaluation and acquisition, competitor benchmarking and site portfoliorevenues. The market research team at Mosaik is constantly curating the infrastructure datasets to radically improve the quality of available data from traditional sources. In addition, many tower owners actively report properties on TowerSource that may be available for sale, lease or build-to-suit. Over the next year, Mosaik is expected to nearly double the number of assets listed.

“TowerSource addresses so many critical business challenges that tower professionals face – such as conducting efficient site analyses, engaging more prospects and improving portfolio revenue performance,” said John Gilmer, vice president of data integrity at Mosaik Solutions. “Thanks to our market research and user surveys, we offer more decision-making power with an independent infrastructure asset data engine, a feature-rich user interface, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.”

Mosaik is also working to provide reporting capabilities with comprehensive details about selected assets or properties and integrated extensive telecom intelligence, like mobile network coverage, spectrum ownership, fiber networks and cable footprints. To add additional insights for site acquisition professionals, the reports will support personal notes, customizable content and photos.

TowerSource offers three subscription plans: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. The Starter and Professional plans leverage the entire vertical asset databases, can be licensed online and are available today. Starter comes at no cost with enhancements to the new experience, providing users more visibility and control over their search preferences and data selection. Users can perform searches by specific asset, company name, or by location.

The paid Professional version includes advanced asset filtering, session saving for future recall and the ability to download query results. Other features include average annual daily traffic, political and market boundaries and custom search rings. Additional points of interest (POI) and POI upload capability will be available later this quarter. The Professional plan is launching with aggressive introductory pricing.

The Enterprise plan isdesigned for team access and provides the ability to overlay network intelligence like mobile coverage, fiber, or wireline datasets. Users interested in an Enterprise plan can contact Mosaik’s sales team for more information at

To learn more about TowerSource or to sign up, visit

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