Mosaik Solutions Helps Improve Guest Experiences with Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Network Performance Testing Solution

Company to engage hospitality leaders with a scalable and quick-to-deploy network performance solution to ensure guests have an overall better connected experience

AUSTIN, Texas – June 16, 2015 – HITEC – Mosaik Solutions, a leader in telecom business intelligence and visualization services, today at HITEC announced new in-building wireless network testing capabilities to help hoteliers improve their guests’ connected experience. Signal Insights is an economical, easy-to-use and scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps hoteliers better understand guest cellular and Wi-Fi connection experiences during peak and off-peak times in all areas of the building, including guest rooms.

Roughly 90 percent of travelers today have at least one mobile device with them, and 40 percent use three mobile devices or more, according to a SmartBrief survey. These travelers expect cellular and Wi-Fi networks to work as well in their hotels as outside them, resulting in increasingly high demands on hotel networks. With Signal Insights, hotel operators and managers can easily test their guests’ cellular and Wi-Fi network connection experience, analyze the test results in a user-friendly web-based dashboard, print robust reports, and communicate findings with network operators and wireless connectivity solution providers.

With the new Tap-Test-Go in-building testing feature, Signal Insights enables users with an Android tablet to upload an image of a floor plan and perform a wireless network connection test at specific points, such as hallways, guest rooms, in lounge areas and conference rooms. Tests can also be performed comparing several wireless networks at once, capturing important wireless network experience metrics, including signal strength, downlink speed, uplink speed, and latency. All of the test results are sent near real time to the web-based dashboard, where the results can be analyzed to determine areas of the hotel that do not provide an optimal connected experience for guests.

“In the Internet of Things era, mobile operators, system integrators, venue owners and M2M players need to better understand network availability, performance and quality to better manage customer or guest expectations,” said Todd Cotts, director of product management at Mosaik Solutions. “Signal Insights is a key element of enabling good customer experiences on wireless networks.”

To learn more about Signal Insights and Mosaik Solutions, connect with the company representatives during HITEC show week at booth 2301. To register for a demo or free trial of Signal Insights, email or call +1-901-377-8585.

About Mosaik Solutions

Mosaik Solutions builds world-class desktop and mobile applications backed by comprehensive telecom network intelligence. It maintains the most in-depth network coverage and infrastructure database in the world, enabling clients to understand complex spectrum and network coverage dynamics, improve customer experiences and churn with network performance solutions, and track where competitors threaten their best customers.

As an agile team of researchers, creatives and mapping experts, Mosaik develops intelligence solutions that help executives, marketers, engineers and analysts improve marketing and retention programs, competitive network planning and site acquisition efforts. Visit to learn more.


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