Net Insight Launches Nimbra Media Gateway at NAB 2016

Net Insight, the leading provider of live, interactive and on-demand media transport, today launches its Nimbra Media Gateway, a fully interoperable SMPTE2022 based JPEG2000 contribution gateway. Catering to the needs of live video over IP in multi-vendor environments, the Nimbra Media Gateway complements the existing Nimbra MSR family, designed for large-scale and high-performing media networks.

 Nimbra Media Gateway hosts a high-end JPEG2000 codec that is field proven and widely recognized for its compression performance and video quality. Its modular design ensures seamless capacity and functional expansion, offering a high degree of support for future formats and standards without the need for hardware replacement. Adding to our comprehensive SMPTE2022 offering for HD video and MPEG-4, the Nimbra Media Gateway helps broadcasters interconnect for efficient live media exchange.

“Net Insight actively works with our broadcast customers in their transition from native technologies to IP, and is a strong advocate of open and interoperable standards.” said Martin Karlsson, CTO and vice president product portfolio at Net Insight.  ”Our vision is a global media ecosystem where live content is exchanged in real time across the world, over standard multi-vendor infrastructures, to support the rapidly changing needs of today’s broadcast industry.”

Nimbra Media Gateway uniquely enables broadcasters and service providers to easily mix and match native SDI with SMPTE2022-6 IP interfaces, for a seamless and cost-efficient transition to IP in studios and broadcast facilities. With Nimbra Vision for centralized management, and instant service provisioning through Touch&Switch, broadcasters can scale up their media transport services to support growing business needs, without impact on operational costs.

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