Network Interoperability: The Secret Sauce to Cable’s IP Success

Addressing subscribers’ expectations for video content delivered anywhere at anytime has prompted a massive growth in video traffic, further driving cable operators and service providers to make the shift to an IP video delivery system. When migrating to IP, the success relies on ensuring network interoperability among all the existing and new hardware and software components.

Like an elaborate symphony, equipment and technology from multiple vendors and different environments must work together in perfect harmony. If not achieved, the penalty is delaying new service deployments, increasing costs or, ultimately, delivering a poor service to the end-user.

Having a “safe” place to test interoperability is not simple. To address this challenge, Edgeware recently announced that CableLabs’ IPTV Innovations Lab, located in Colorado, is hosting Edgeware’s Video Consolidation Platform (VCP) for operators to test interoperability among multiple components of an IP video delivery network in its lab facility.

You can read more about this announcement here.