Network Provisioning At Your Fingertips

The shift to IP opens the possibility for full support of automated workflows and to interconnect geographically dispersed studios and production facilities across the grope. The benefits are massive for broadcasters and service providers, enabling them to remain competitive by opening new business models vital in today’s rapidly changing media ecosystem. To capitalize on this shift, Net Insight has expanded its customer provisioned networks (CPN) solution with a new self-service iOS app, the Nimbra Connect.

Net Insight’s CPN solution delivers automated provisioning of network services. This guarantees broadcasters and service providers have the network capacity and connectivity when and where they need it for the best possible quality and orchestrated services. The Nimbra Connect expands on this offering. The intuitive, self-service application enables fast and simple service provisioning on demand for scheduling, configuring and activation of live broadcasts in less than 15 seconds. The result is a rewarding TV viewing experience for customers and audiences.

Learn more the Nimbra Connect and its role in Net Insight’s vision for customer and application networks here.