PipelineDeals Email Campaign Study Unveils the Do’s and Don’ts to Increase Sales Conversion Rates

New research outlines the three best practices for sales teams to better start, build and grow business relationships through effective email campaigns

SEATTLE – October 20, 2016 – PipelineDeals, the sales and account management CRM provider for SMBs, today announced the three key elements SMBs can implement to increase conversion rates and overall business success of their email sales campaigns.

According to a recent study, the overall open rate for email campaigns across all industries is less than 22 percent. To address this issue, PipelineDeals conducted analysis of more than 30,000 campaigns from SMBs that took place over the last seven months. Research findings concluded that businesses can gain a significant sales advantage by adjusting the timing of their email campaigns, rethinking their email campaign template strategy, and using subject heading tactics that are proven to garner results. Addressing these three areas can assist SMBs in combating that conversion number problem, while growing business relationships.

Right time of day leads to better play: The time of day an email is sent has a considerable impact on success rates. However, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach that works for everyone. The timing window varies depending on the target market of the email campaign. Data suggests email campaigns aimed at software companies do worse when sent in the mornings. In contrast, those focused on the marketing and advertising communities should be sent first thing in the morning, or early afternoon. In the financial services industry, open rates peak mid-afternoon.

Tired templates can spell failure: Email templates are a great convenience, but an over-reliance on this tool shows an adverse effect on campaign success. Emails sent using a template perform approximately 30 percent worse than those that aren’t based on a generic structure. Templates fair best in mid-sized campaigns for SMBs, which typically have between 10 and 100 recipients. Data also confirms that working from a current and timely template is essential, as sales campaigns that are rarely updated perform worst of all.

Size matters with subject lines: The fewer characters in a subject line, the better. The best performing email campaigns are those with subject lines with less than 40 characters. Even those with less than 10 characters were strong performers. Those between 40 and 70 characters resulted in a strong decline in success rates. Interestingly, subject lines between 70 and 120 characters often show improved open rates. While not proven, this is potentially due to personal, attention-grabbing headlines. Anything beyond 120 characters result in a decline in open rates.

“A core objective at PipelineDeals is to aid SMBs in making the best use of their time and efforts in starting, building and growing relationships,” said JP Werlin, CEO and founder of PipelineDeals. “When used correctly, email is an essential tool in a salesperson’s arsenal to build these bonds that drive business growth. Our research, combined with a system built from the ground up to help SMBs succeed, makes this all possible.”

These best practices can be seamlessly integrated into the sales workflow with PipelineDeals. The company provides a cloud-based, sales and account management CRM built from the ground up for small-to-medium-sized B2B companies. Beyond just sales, PipelineDeals helps customers start with the right relationships, build new and existing relationships, and continuously grow those relationships to quickly achieve their goals. Unlike other solutions, requiring a combination of several applications for email enablement and automation, PipelineDeals provides these features native within the software. The impact is a complete sales solution for teams looking to manage their customers from lead to account management.

To access the study in its entirety and learn more about PipelineDeals, visit: http://www.pipelinedeals.com/blog/email-trends-2016.

About PipelineDeals

Founded in 2006, PipelineDeals (www.pipelinedeals.com) provides small- to medium-sized businesses with the only sales and account management platform capable of delivering certainty in every action necessary to start, develop and grow customer relationships. With a focus on service, PipelineDeals grows revenues by changing the way businesses manage their sales pipeline. PipelineDeals boasts more than 4,000 customers in more than 60 countries and has garnered numerous awards for its work. It was recently named an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company, awarded a top customer satisfaction award by G2 Crowd and selected as one of Washington’s Best Places to Work by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

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