Security Tips to Keep Your Data Protected

Recent news that half a billion Yahoo users had their accounts hacked by a cyber break attack two years ago not only caused a furore over the apparent lack of transparency but also brought out a number of questions on how to keep emails and online data safe.

The fact that this happened some time ago means that the cyber criminals have had some time to process and use the data which included usernames, protected passwords, dates of birth, associated email addresses and more – but thankfully no credit card information.

If you feel it is time to refresh your email and online identity information, we’ve put together security tips to follow:

  • Create a complex password – industry best practices recommend to use secure and complex passwords. This includes a password with at least eight characters and a combination of lowercases and capital letters, as well as special characters
  • Let technology help you – most security experts recommend to use different passwords for online services. So if memorizing lengthy and multiple passwords is challenging, use a password manager services that can not only keeps track of all the information, it can also update periodically those passwords for an extra layer of security.
  • Expand your security options – while online hacks are very concerning, most internet users are more vulnerable to everyday malwares or viruses. Updating your computer’s antivirus protection can reduce the risk of losing your personal information.

Do you have another security tip you recommend? Share it with us!