Tapping into the Potential of the Public Cloud

By 2018, the public cloud market will hit $160 billion (Gartner). To get in on this action, many channel partners are looking to evolve. Instead of being one-time system integrators providing opportuniunistic cloud service transcations, they aspire to become managed service providers (MSPs) offering ongoing, value-add cloud services to customers.

That’s easier said than done.

Managing a customer’s entire cloud life cycle, especially as the adoption of cloud platforms and services increases, is a daunting, or even impossible, endeavor for most partners. Most do not have the resources, know-how or tools necessary. Cloud services enablement provider BitTitan overcomes these barriers.

BitTitan’s MSPComplete is the industry’s only comprehensive, end-to-end cloud enablment platform. MSPComplete makes any partner, regarldess of size, an MSP by leveraging the three pillars of cloud enablement: Selling, onboarding and servicing.

Learn more about MSPComplete and the three pillars here.