Tech Ideas to Help You Celebrate 4th July

Here at VisiTech PR, we enjoy gathering friends and family for some grilling and fun on 4th of July. Being the geek as we are, we’ve put together our 2016 tech guide that will help you throw a great 4th of July party:

  • Master the grill: controlling the grill temperature and multitasking between flipping burgers and brats is no easy feat. With iGrill, a Bluetooth remote grilling thermometer to make sure the food is just right
  • Do it in style: this “tactical” chef’s apron has storage to support everything from your smartphone, barbecue spices to even a beer
  • Have your own Indoor firework display: will the weather be bad or are you nowhere near a good firework display party? No problem, this indoor lightshow launcher the party is guaranteed
  • Stargaze with authority: fireworks are great but there’s a vast universe out there waiting to be explored. With these 10 Free Astronomy Apps for Stargazing you can tell Venus from Alpha Centuri

How is tech going to help you celebrate this 4th of July?