The Conceptual Brand Test – Do You Have an Actual Brand?

Some define brand as a company’s look and feel, a visual viewpoint. Perhaps some define it as a company’s method of operating, a viewpoint that captures a company’s true nature and brand promise. Others see it as the unique selling proposition, a customer-centric brand. I offer my opinion as yes, yes, yes, and I would not stop there.

I present the ultimate goal of the conceptual brand — the brand concept that rises above the visual, operational and customer-centric brand to capture all that and more.

A conceptual brand defines the building blocks of a company’s essence. It is the authentic articulation of the company’s promise and the connotations that the brand will hold in the customer’s mind. Conceptual branding is what gives a company its personality. It lays out why a company’s prospects should embrace the brand and believe in the company. It is a framework to back up the company’s claims. It changes perceptions. It makes the prospect feel compelled to purchase. It engages both mind and heart, and insights action. It is beyond feeling yet emotive. It provides the background of credibility and expertise. It provides the solid backbone to meet the challenges of the market and competitive environment head on. It has the strength to win without fail. It goes beyond the business goals and operational charge, yet it creates a framework to support each.

A five-question test can tell you if your brand needs work to reach the level of a conceptual brand. You may use and share this infographic of VisiTech PR’s conceptual brand test.

VisiTech PR's five questions   to check your brand's strength

VisiTech PR’s five questions to check your brand’s strength

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