ThinPrint 10: Virtual Printing Meets Physical Desktops

New version optimizes printing for all network infrastructures, regardless of equipment

(BERLIN/DENVER, February 26, 2014) Cortado, the leading provider of solutions for virtual, mobile, and client printing, today extends the benefits of its ThinPrint line to all employees in enterprises with the launch of ThinPrint Engine 10. With its new ThinShare technology, users with physical desktops such as PCs and laptops can now benefit from compression and standardized printing, regardless if via Wi-Fi or in branch offices. Cortado also responded to the increased importance of Macs in the enterprise with a native Mac client. Furthermore, version 10 combines the stability of a solution with 15 years of experience with numerous other improvements and innovative features, such as its own font management and a centralized license server.

The overcomplicated use of different printers, as well as slow and incorrect printing are a nuisance for everyone involved. Employees are interrupted in their work and IT spends too much time dealing with decentralized administration of printing environments and printer drivers. The resulting costs for a company are often immense.

ThinPrint, with more than 20,000 customers in over 116 countries, has been an essential player in print management for many years. This includes Citrix, VMware and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services environments. ThinPrint Engine 10 extends the range of scenarios to physical desktops with local applications and reliably supports IT departments, users and enterprises in all potential scenarios and environment sizes.

A major innovation in version 10 is Cortado’s ThinShare technology, which ensures that print jobs are fully compressed without any additional software installation required. A virtual driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, is used to keep desktops free from printer drivers. In addition, employees benefit from a uniform GUI for all printers, regardless of manufacturer. This includes the most popular add-on features, such as hole-punching or binding. As a result, cost savings arise from the reduced burden on helpdesks and user productivity increases. For additional cost savings, IT can centrally preset default low-cost printer settings, such as black & white and duplex printing.

Print job tracking and comprehensive reporting is also included for the IT department in order to further optimize the printer environment. For example, the print load can be better distributed among existing printers in the company. In addition to the proved and patented ThinPrint features, a new font management ensures even greater performance and quality of printing results. No longer are entire fonts, often with 22-25 MB of data, transferred. Instead, just the individual characters that are actually needed for the specific print job are transmitted.

ThinShare can also be used to pursue print server consolidation. Thanks to ThinShare’s ability to provide the highest-possible levels of compression, print jobs can be efficiently handled via central print servers rather than directly at branch offices. Also, when printing via the Wi-Fi network, print data is reduced by up to 98 percent. This is a major solution for such a common cause of bottlenecks in many organizations.

“ThinPrint Engine 10 is a real milestone. As the leading solution in the field of virtual printing, we are pleased that our 15 years of experience now benefit users of physical desktops, including those working with laptops in Wi-Fi networks,” said Thorsten Hesse, product manager ThinPrint, at Cortado. “Introducing standardized printing with its immense cost-saving potential, without turning the IT environment on its head or installing software on individual machines, is particularly beneficial for our existing customers as well as entirely new customer groups.”

ThinPrint Engine 10 comes with a new, simple licensing model that offers completely user-based licensing. Annual user licenses are also available in addition to premium versions including enhanced components such as the ThinPrint Management Center, Host Integration Service and Connected Gateway. User licenses are available from just $18.85.

ThinPrint Engine 10 can be downloaded and tested for 30 days with no obligation at:

An overview of all the new features can also be found at

This press release and images are available online and may be downloaded at

 About Cortado

Cortado – formerly ThinPrint – has delivered solutions for the modern working world since 1999. Enterprise mobility, printing, virtualization and BYOD are the main focus of the company. Cortado combines innovative devices such as smartphones and tablets with the customary requirements of office work, in teams and beyond space and system boundaries.

Easy for users, innovative, reliable, and with a high return on investment. These are the distinguishing features of Cortado products. No other company focuses so much on the issue of consumerization. By constantly evaluating feedback from users of its free cloud services available in all major app stores, Cortado continuously improves its products. These foundations allow Cortado to optimally implement an enterprise mobility strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Cortado established itself internationally with ThinPrint, the leading printer virtualization technology, which is used in 116 countries by thousands of companies. Even the biggest customers of Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services rely on ThinPrint. Via a long-term OEM partnership, VMware integrates ThinPrint technology.

The advantages of printer virtualization will only increase, also for cloud providers and in networks with physical desktops. Results are significant cost savings, immensely reduced helpdesk requests and noticeably more satisfied employees.

Over 20,000 enterprise customers with 5 up to 150,000 employees, as well as hundreds of thousands of individual users worldwide rely on Cortado solutions. As an internationally operating company, and founder of the Cloud Printing Alliance, Cortado employs over 220 highly skilled employees at its headquarters in Berlin, Germany and in its branch offices in the United States, the UK, Australia, France and Japan. Cortado was a winner of the 2013 Great Place to Work® competition and is named as one of the “Best Employers in Berlin-Brandenburg 2013”.


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